Four Seasons Seychelles

This magnificent hotel, surrounded by the jungles of the Seychelles coast, provides serenity and peace in abundance while effortlessly blending in with its awe-inspiring surroundings. 67 luxury villas ensure that comfort is never an issue; whether enjoying a spa or relaxing on the nearby beaches, the Four Seasons welcomes you to spend your luxury holiday the way you want it.


The Four Seasons Hotel is located on the island of Mahé, a part of the Seychelles archipelago found off of Africa’s east coast. The isolated location gives you uninterrupted bliss of the highest standard; acres of stunning forest containing one-of-a-kind wildlife (the Jellyfish Tree and carnivorous Seychelles Pitcher Plant won’t be found anywhere else on earth) act as a wonderful backdrop to the island’s crystal blue waters along the entire coastline. We can assure you the 30-minute drive from the airport to the Four Seasons is one you will thoroughly enjoy.

Your Room

To even refer to the Four Seasons’ accommodation as a mere ‘room’ is a massive understatement. No expense is spared in the hotel’s modern villas situated in the island’s jungle; choose from Serenity, Hilltop, Ocean-View and Garden-View suites to get exactly what you want from your getaway. All of the rooms come equipped with infinity plunge pools, breath-taking views and spacious terraces (among other thoughtful extras), thus providing the perfect base to return to after a day of exploring the local culture Mahé has to offer.

Why we like it

Unparalleled skylines never cease to amaze, and with yoga classes, fine dining and plenty of spa treatments to soothe your sun-kissed skin, there is arguably no better luxury beach holiday in the world we’d choose to unwind in. Make no mistake, the Seychelles’ Four Seasons hotel is a relaxing experience like no other.