Aditya is every bit the sumptuous Sri Lankan hideaway, nestled along the gilded shores and clear blue seas of the island’s historic southern coast. This is a discreet and distinctive boutique hotel whose wonderfully intimate atmosphere will have you feeling like you’ve arrived in an exceptionally luxurious home-from-home. What makes Aditya particularly special though is how it manages to masterfully blend luxury comfort with a strong eco-conscious, without compromising any of its sterling service standards. It’s the perfect place to lay back, relax, and unwind with a peace of mind.


Aditya is located on the outskirts of the beautiful colonial town of Galle, tucked away on the coast of Sri Lanka’s most southerly corner. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Galle Fort, around which the town spreads, was built in the 15th century and remains today as a stunning example of golden-age architecture and an echo of the region’s patchwork colonial past. Taking some time to wander its ramparts is a must, as well as exploring the area’s tranquil temples speckled throughout the lush surroundings and the quiet coastal town of Hikkaduwa, famous for its pristine beach, surf and vibrant coral life. By night, slink down to the coast’s secluded golden beaches to watch baby turtles hatch into the sea.

Your room

The hotel is home to just twelve private suites, each named after one of the solar deities of Hindu mythology. The select number of rooms gives a truly discreet and personalised atmosphere, with each room unique from the next and immaculately decorated with authentic local art and antiques from the region. But what really impressed us was the private balcony or veranda each and every suite comes with, complete with balmy plunge pools to soak in whilst gazing out over the gardens and sea.

Why we like it

Wave goodbye to the usual hotel conventions of restrictive meal times because at Aditya, there are no fixed meal times. You are free to eat when you want and where you want with the fantastic master chef custom preparing all your delicious meals. Staff are happy to set you up a table anywhere you please, from the privacy of your room to the silky sands of the sunset-drenched beach.