Elephants in Botswana


No matter how many times we visit, Botswana always finds new ways to surprise us and capture our imagination. After all, why motorboat down the Okavango Delta when you can embrace slow travel and float by in a traditional mokoro? Why cross the Makgadikgadi Salt Plains in a 4×4 when you can do it on a quad bike? For us, Botswana is all about taking a seemingly ordinary safari holiday and making it extraordinary.


Beyond the plains of the Serengeti, the hillsides of Virunga or the shorelines of the Cape, Congo offers a whole new realm of African discovery. One for the intrepid and the adventurous, this is a place best explored wading through jungles bais, fly-camping beneath the stars and kayaking down remote rivers. On a tailormade holiday in Congo, experience nature as it was intended; raw and untouched.

Ethiopia holidays


Far from the trodden path, Ethiopia is the perfect destination for the curious traveller. One of Africa’s least known yet most enriching destinations, a tailormade holiday to Ethiopia offers a truly authentic experience as you immerse yourself in tribal rhythms and bear witness to ancient rituals that time forgot. As spiritual as it is evolutionary, set foot here and embrace a world few others are yet to see.

Flamingos in Kenya


The original safari destination, Kenya has been connecting us with the animal kingdom for decades. Home to all manner of African icons, from the Mara to the Migration, a luxury holiday in Kenya packs a serious wildlife punch. By all means, pack binoculars, but don’t miss out on the old world colonialism of Mombasa, the tea fields of Kericho, the coffee plantations of Thika or the vast isolation of the Great Rift Valley.


Wild, untamed and virtually unexplored, a tailormade holiday in Madagascar offers an adventurous getaway amid some truly otherworldly landscapes where nature reigns supreme. Avenues of baobab trees punctuate otherwise sparse plains and a staggering array of wildlife peer out of the bush through inquisitive eyes. To the north, stretches of porcelain shores complete the Out of Africa experience.


Far from the madding crowds and home to the warmest welcome you could ever hope to receive; Malawi may not be on everyone’s radar – but that’s exactly why we love it. Whether you’re looking to bask on the picturesque beaches of Lake Malawi, head out on game drives through wildlife-rich national parks or wander the mountainous grasslands; a luxury holiday in Malawi is full of ceaseless wonder.


Stretched across the east coast of Africa, Mozambique takes the rolling plains of its neighbours and replaces them with powder soft sands. A luxury holiday in Mozambique offers an irresistible contrast to days spent in some of Africa’s most abundant national parks. Extending an invitation to embrace new cultures, and to do so with your toes in the sand, this is Africa; but not as you know it.

Sand Dunes, Namibia | Black Tomato


Rugged and eerily isolated; the Namibian landscape has beguiled the intrepid, mystified the curious and entranced the photographic for decades. Reigned over by serene isolation, a tailormade holiday in Namibia is a lesson in the art of slow travel as you venture across the bright red dunes of Sossusvlei to reach the shipwreck-strewn beaches of the Skeleton Coast. A place that needs to be seen to be believed.

Cirque-de-Mafate-caldera - Reunion Island

Réunion Island

A drop in the ocean, Réunion Island is the stuff of cinematic dreams. Born out of a series of volcanic eruptions, it showcases everything from vast craters to deep gorges that plunge down into pristine natural pools fed by free-flowing waterfalls. Add in a rich blend of French and Creole culture and a tailormade holiday to Réunion Island will leave you poised for discovery in a place where few others have set foot.

Gorilla in Rwanda | Black Tomato


Offering an entirely different spin on an African safari, a tailormade holiday in Rwanda never ceases to amaze. The undisputed gorilla capital of Africa, here lies a place to reflect as you take in the wonder and the intrigue from the luxury of some of our favourite jungle lodges, before joining conservation efforts to protect the majesty of Rwanda’s fascinating wildlife in a luxury holiday with some serious heart.

South Africa

A place that offers a different experience every time you visit, South Africa somehow captures all the mind-blowing diversity of Africa in one country. So, why not combine winelands with wide open plains and beachcombing penguins with contemporary art scenes? Why not paraglide over the cape, Segway through vineyards and horse ride alongside gazelles? A luxury holiday in South Africa is unlike any other.

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Effortlessly pairing adventure with relaxation, scorched sands with the powder soft and great migrations with splendid isolation; nothing says ‘perfect combination’ quite like a luxury holiday in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Discover not only unbridled game and idyllic sunsets, but a sense of peace found amid the expanse of Ruaha and on the steady rhythms of fishing dhows out at sea. 


Home to few tourists and a whole new perspective on some of our favourite African wildlife experiences, Uganda epitomises our obsession with the natural world. From gorilla treks that rival those of neighbouring Rwanda to crucial lion research initiatives; the call of the wild is impossible to ignore – and why would you? A luxury holiday in Uganda will transport you to a world you’ll never want to return from.

Lion cubs in Zambia


A hidden gem in the heartlands of Africa, Zambia offers a chance for you to truly disconnect and experience the raw side of Africa. A place where idyllic lodges meet plentiful game, Zambia is the perfect setting for an authentic luxury safari holiday. Whether sleeping beneath the stars of the Luangwa Valley or taking part in black rhino conservation projects, allow us to take you closer to nature than ever before.

Zimbabwe holidays


As safari-goers continue to flock to the plains of Africa in search of the revered Big Five, we’ve been in search of the as yet untapped nature reserves. A tailormade holiday in Zimbabwe offers a truly authentic experience as you come toe to toe with some of the most diverse wildlife amid a patchwork of striking, poignant landscapes. A place to get there before everybody else does, tap into Zimbabwe with us.

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