The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

At the crossroads between unparalleled luxury and untouched wilderness lies the beautiful Resort at Paws Up. An authentic cattle ranch, expertly transformed into a luxurious abode, it’s the perfect home on the range from which to explore Montana’s natural beauty. Sprawled across the ranch’s 37,000 acres you’ll find 28 luxury homes, 5 glampsites with six bespoke tents each and a myriad of activities. Spend your days flitting from adventure to adventure, luxury to luxury, all the time surrounded by Montana’s rustic charm.


Nestled in the heart of the Blackfoot Valley and only 35 minutes away from Missoula Airport, Paws Up boasts the perfect location to explore and indulge in the rough country of Montana. Its beautiful location is also a dream come true for activity enthusiasts with 100 miles of walking trails, 10 miles of the Blackfoot River and 37,000 acres of land to roam. It’s the ultimate outdoor playground for all ages.

Your Room

Oozing comfort and wild western style, Paws Up’s 28 lavish rooms and 5 glamorous tents are the perfect space in which to rest up and recuperate after a long day of activities. Far from poky, each of the ranch homes boasts around 1,300 acres each with two large bedrooms and fully equipped wood burning stoves. It’s a real escape to the wilderness where you need not see anyone else for several days if you don’t wish to.

Why we like it

Adventure is what Paws Up does best and you’ll easily spend everyday outdoors, discovering just what is to be at home on the range. All that exploring can make for hungry work, but don’t you worry – Paws Up has you covered. Locally picked huckleberries for breakfast, fresh Rocky Mountain trout for lunch and a meat-sweats inducing barbecue for dinner? You’ll never go hungry here.