Winterlake lodge

Out in the great wilds of Alaska, where seclusion and stunning scenery are the everyday, trappers, hunters and fishermen were once the only few who ventured out into these grand expanses of nature. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, backed onto lakes of reflective water, they found respite at the man-made comfort of Winterlake Lodge. Now though, Winterlake Lodge is our luxury retreat with all the rustic charm and heritage of an old trapper’s cabin yet with all the lavish comfort we love.


Near the western edge of the Alaska Range, Winterlake Lodge’s setting affords it sensational views of the Trimble Glacier and parts of Rainy Pass. To the front of the lodge, the two mile stretch of finger-shaped lake serves as the lodge’s floatplane runway and gateway to the adventures of the wild, with kayaking and canoeing on offer. Behind the lodge, the excitingly named Wolverine Mountain offers great hiking, helicopter-assisted trekking and an abundance of wildlife to snap your camera at.

Your room

The lodge’s five cabins offer warm, rustic comfort in the heart of this extraordinary landscape. Varying in size, the smaller cabins; The Mountain Pass and Happy River cabins, sleep two, while the largest; The Red Lake Trail Cabin accommodates up to seven guests. They are each built in the handmade Alaskan style, with exposed log construction and steep, sloping roofs. Inside, there is handmade wooden furniture, rustic queen size log beds, porches to sit out on for a early evening glass of wine, and of course, incredible views over the lake and surrounding scenery

Why we love it

With the surrounding Alaskan wilderness, Winterlake Lodge already has an incredible scene to accompany it. From the lodge, you can hike, trek, ride in a helicopter, ride in a floatplane, tour the wildlife, canoe, kayak, and take on any nature adventure under the high sun of the sub-arctic. Winterlake Lodge offers the perfect launch point for exploring, and with their own Robinson R-44 helicopter and canoes, kayaks and boats, the lodge allows you to take full advantage of the natural wonders on show. We love how the lodge also creates great downtime activities for a break from the rugged outdoors. As well as massage and yoga classes, you can cook up a storm with chef Kirsten Dixon, and take part in cheese tastings. Or just chill out in classic style with a long, relaxing soak in the hot tub.

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