La Veranda Phu Quoc

A romanticised vision of Vietnam’s Indochine past, La Veranda is a classically curated boutique hotel on the eco paradise of Phu Quoc. Undoubtedly the pick of the island’s resorts, La Veranda prides itself on great food, wonderful location and top quality service. And it doesn’t disappoint. This is a five star island resort as it should be.


The beauty of Phu Quoc and its location just off the southern tip of Cambodia have meant that rights to the island have been disputed for centuries. Now officially affiliated to Vietnam, this tropical paradise has waved goodbye to controversy and returned to the soulful seaside roots that are its birthright. Jaw-droppingly beautiful, secluded and über exlcusive, enjoy this untouched South China pearl before the world comes aflocking.

Your room

Despite a motley range of influences, the rooms at La Veranda remain relaxed, uncomplicated and a joy to rest your head in. With design that sits stylishly between the effortless chic of a colonial French chateau and a millionaire’s Caribbean getaway, the feel is nevertheless unmistakably Asian. We love the combination of dark woods and fine linens, the local patterns on the floortiles and the elegant drapes – in short, this is the most beautiful place to stay on Phu Quoc.

Why we like it

If you’re in the mood (and who isn’t) for a Vietnamese beach flop or an idyllic island getaway, then look no further. Many Asian resorts are encumbered by herds of vendors haranguing holidayers from every angle, aggressively touting their wares all along the beach front. Not so at La Veranda, or indeed on Phu Quoc generally. But sandy your toes while there’s still space, because word’s getting out.