Here at Black Tomato, we love to discover the things that trigger a person’s desire to explore the globe. Be it a passion for food, an inspiring book that has fuelled a new adventure or particular lifestyle choice, in this instance; fashion.

Our latest source of inspiration is Hardy Amies, the menswear brand created by Sir Hardy Amies, who pioneered the idea of the democratisation of menswear and spread the spirit of the legendary Savile Row beyond Mayfair, and across the globe.

So we wanted to delve a little deeper. Where were his favourite places to travel to? What was is it that created a love affair between this iconic designer and these particular places across the world?

Combining this insight into Sir Hardy Amies’ travels with some of our own favourite destinations, hotels and captivating experiences, we’ve created a series of trips that accentuate some of the world’s most fashion forward places. Have a read of our expert insight and let us inspire you to plan your next trip to some of the world’s most fashionable destinations.

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