Our Canadian Little Black Book

As the second largest country on the planet, Canada is brimming with some of the world’s most barren yet beautiful landscapes and spectacular wildlife. If that wasn’t enough, its cities have borne some of the liveliest festivals, most creative musicians and photographers, and tastiest gastronomic delights on the North American continent.


The sun rises over Moraine Lake

We knew we needed a special way of telling you all about these exciting and enticing experiences and so we have come up with our very own must-read travel companion; The Little Black Tomato Book. Expect to see the crème de la crème of Canadian life in this pocket sized guide. Curious to know about Canada’s creative streak…take a  peek at our features on photography, Toronto Village boutiques and our bespoke city guide to Montréal.

In search of a little adrenalin fuelled action… have a flick through to find our tips on Toronto; the gateway to the outdoors. Do keep an eye out for our dedicated QR codes on each page in the printed guide, which will take you through to this site with regularly updated features; perfect for keeping abreast with all things Canadian.