There’s nothing quite like watching an epic Blockbuster to get our pulses racing, and that inspire us to get exploring and test our limits. Last year we looked at the backdrops that inspired some of our most loved box sets with our campaign Set Jetting, and this year we decided to look at some our favourite adrenaline-packed 2016 Oscar nominated films that were shot in some of the world’s most inhospitable corners with our expedition led operator Epic Tomato.

We love the hype and intoxicating glamour of The Oscars, and when looking at this year’s 88th Academy Awards we noticed a nod to huge scale productions where locations and landscapes are emphasized and are integral to the story on the big screen. To celebrate these epic showcasing of landscapes we’ve curated a series of strenuous expeditions that are set to challenge and inspire. You’ll traverse mountains, valleys and glaciers that have inspired and acted as the back-drop to some of the most gripping cinematic sequences that have graced the silver screen over the past year.

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