Iceland Captured: The Adventurer

It was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments. We were alone on a mountaintop. True explorers taking the first crunching steps on virgin snow that glittered as sunbeams broke over the cloud-skimming peaks all around us. Any thoughts of the 9-to-5 we’d left in London, just a few hours away, dissolved as quickly as our breath in the morning chill. This is true adventure. This is Iceland.

Adrenaline is the lifeblood of Iceland and you’re spoilt for things to do—from scaling glaciers or volcanoes, to diving beneath tectonic plates or throttling over lava fields in superjeeps. A heli trip is just one of a myriad of adventures, but still an absolute must. So we grabbed one of Iceland’s top helicopter pilots to give us an aerial perspective. Up in the air, Iceland becomes your playground. Our pilot Gisli took us to otherwise unreachable mountain summits and secret waterfalls, hopping from one heart-stopping backdrop to the next.

If our video has left you feeling the call of Iceland’s wilds, then take a look at our adventurer’s itinerary below. It’s sure to leave even the most seasoned explorers left in awe (and green with envy).