New Zealand is a land of adventure, of breathtaking landscapes and of unimaginable beauty. Here, pre-historic glaciers, alpine mountains, and seething volcanoes lie alongside tropical beaches and lush rainforest. Here, modern cities serve as bastions of new world culture, whilst the Maori tribes remain as the respected guardians of the wilderness.

It’s a place that will allow you to feel closer to the elements; where water, fire, ice, air and earth are untouched forces, shaping the beauty and identity of this country each and every day. And now you can begin to understand the power of these elements before you travel, thanks to our new downloadable guide to New Zealand. Sitting alongside this beautiful guide you’ll find immersive new itineraries as well as some elements-inspired editorial features. Go ahead; explore this microsite and begin a journey of inspiration that will end in a travel experience like no other…

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