A Moment with Simon Jolly, NZ Expedition Leader

Simon Jolly is one of the expedition leaders at the Chris Jolly Outdoors company in Taupo. From scenic cruise to hiking adventure, the experiences the company offers ensure Simon is forever in amongst and rediscovering the beauty of New Zealand. Here’s what he had to say about his unique lifestyle…



What was it like growing up in New Zealand?

I grew up in Taupo, and spending my childhood here certainly had its benefits. I had spectacular lakes and streams right on my doorstep, and I learned to fly fish from the age of eight. I much preferred the outdoors to the classroom.


What makes Taupo so special?

Well, Taupo is a great place to live if you enjoy the outdoors. With the lake and surrounding mountains; fishing ,hunting , snow skiing , mountain biking and so much more are all at your fingertips. The small-town vibe here is truly wonderful, too.

How do you make the most of the landscapes around you?

I enjoy so many outdoor activities that allow me to immerse myself in the land, and seascapes. I’ll go fly-fishing , big game fishing , mountain biking , motocross , paddle boarding , scuba and free diving and each time I go, I appreciate where I live that little bit more.


Why should people make the journey to New Zealand?

Encouraging people to New Zealand is easy, as the product really sells itself. You need only see pictures of the place to want to come and experience it first-hand. The most common comment I get from my clients is ‘I wish I could have stayed longer’ – so be sure to dedicate enough time to avoid any regrets. Or just come back for round two.


Describe New Zealand in one sentence

New Zealand is a country that provides amazing experiences from the top of the north to the bottom of the south – a place of uniqueness and adventure.