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Timeless trips with romantic hearts. Your proposal will be the crescendo of these glamorously gorgeous getaways, with big moments aplenty. The romance is waiting.

Some classic proposal ideas (to get you started)

Horseback riding through the Tuscan hills

When it comes to romantic destinations, Tuscany in Italy is high on the list. And it’s among the charming hillside towns and countryside, that you and your beau will enjoy an exclusive horse-riding trip. En route we’ll pick a secluded spot and set up a gourmet picnic from which the picture-perfect proposal can take place.  

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Hot air ballooning holiday over Napa Valley

A romantic hot air balloon flight over California’s Napa Valley

Today’s pre-dawn wakeup call will be well worth it. Take to the skies at sunrise for an unforgettable ariel tour of Napa Valley and the Cali vineyards, cosying up beneath a blanket with a glass of bubbly. Choose to pop the question on board or wait till you’ve touched down in the vineyards where a delicious breakfast awaits. 

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Luxury Vacation in February: Hawaii

Take on Haleakala Summit in Hawaii

Touch down in Hawaii and we’ll whisk you away to the magical island of Maui for a breath-taking journey at 6,500 high. Drive or hike to the top with a local expert and enjoy a guided tour of the park, before picking the perfect sun-trapped spot to pop the question.  

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Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Catch sunrise from the Acropolis in Greece

Greece is a frequent favourite of ours when it comes to a romantic getaway. In mainland Athens, we’ll arrange for a local guide to lead you up the winding steps to the most loved landmark in Greece: The Acropolis. Located on a high rocky outcrop above the city, take some time to watch the sunrise over the Acropolis – the epitome of Greek architectural elegance. 

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Unravel the secrets of Borobudur in Indonesia

Dripping in history and mystical intrigue, once you’ve touched down on the beautifully rugged island of Java in Indonesia, we’ll take you to Borobudur for a private tour of the temple. Simply ask us to time it right, and we’ll ensure your climb to the top is met with the sun rising over the volcanoes ahead. It’s the perfect spot for a proposal if you ask us. 

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An exceptional experience

The hotel and restaurant recommendations, local guides and in-country support made the trip exceptional. Even when a restaurant reservation went awry, the team in the UK were on the phone to sort everything within minutes. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


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