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What happens next?

We’ll be working hard behind the scenes while you count down the days to your Black Tomato adventure. There are six key things steps before you fly, but we’ll have all of these in hand. While the exact timings may vary, this is what you can expect from us before your journey begins:

1 week booked

#1 Our app and your itinerary

Within 1 week of receiving your deposit, we’ll send you a full confirmation email. This will include your personalised Black Tomato app login, where you can browse your itinerary on the go.

13 weeks to go

#2 Visas, vaccinations and insurance

With 13 weeks to go, you’ll receive helpful information about any necessary visas and vaccinations. We’ll also remind you to check your travel insurance.

12 weeks to go

#3 Paying your balance

With 12 weeks to go, your final balance will be due. Don’t worry; we’ll send you a friendly email prompt.

6 weeks to go

#4 Your itinerary and your travel documents

With six weeks to go, your Travel Expert will check in to make sure you’re happy with your itinerary. They will also confirm the postal address for your travel documents, or – if you’d like to go paperless – we’ll plant a tree instead with our partners at One Tree Planted.

2 weeks to go

#5 Some final checks

With 2 weeks to go, your travel documents will be on their way. Your Travel Expert will also be in touch to set up a time for your pre-departure call.

1 week to go

#6 Your pre-departure call

With 1 week to go, you’ll have your pre-departure call with your Travel Expert – offering a chance to go over any final details and to ask any questions. Excited yet?

Download the Black Tomato app

Download our dedicated customer app using the links below. Once you receive login credentials from your Travel Expert, you’ll be able to browse your itinerary, learn more about our recommendations and view an interactive map of your destination.



We understand you may have a long list of questions to ask us after booking your holiday or honeymoon with us. It’s only natural. Our team has answered our most commonly asked questions here to help you out.


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