Awasi Iguazú

Close your eyes at Awasi Iguazú and listen. The only sound you’ll hear is a cacophony of birdsong, as 400 different species of birds chorus together to create the most enchanting melody. That’s the beauty of staying in a hotel in the heart of the Atlantic rainforest; total tranquillity. Here, 14 luxurious villas are nestled in the green of the jungle, complete with private decking and outdoor shower perfect for immersing yourself in nature. For, after a busy day visiting the Iguazú Falls, what could be better than cooling off in your private plunge pool overlooking the jungle with nothing but colourful butterflies and tropical birds for company?


Awasi is a quick 20-minute car journey from Puerto Iguazú Airport, into the Atlantic rainforest which is home to 1000s of endemic plants and animals, as well as tapirs, capuchin monkeys and endangered pumas. So we hope you haven’t forgotten your binoculars. On the doorstep of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, you’ll of course want to pay a visit to the mighty Iguazú Falls. It takes a mere 35 minutes to cross the border into Brazil to visit the Brazilian side of Foz do Iguaçu, whilst the Argentinian side lies just 20 minutes from the hotel, so you can literally chase waterfalls and coatis (look them up, they’re adorable) to your heart’s content.

Your room

Awasi has 13 stand-alone villas and one uber luxurious Master villa to choose from. They are all built on stilts for minimal environmental impact and maximum immersion as you relax beneath a canopy of lush tropical trees and get up close and personal with beautiful butterflies the size of your hand. Each villa has its own private deck complete with sun-loungers and plunge pool, whilst interiors feature traditional textiles and baskets woven by the indigenous Guarani people who inhabit the region. Staying here immerses you not only in the jungle but in the local culture too.

Why we like it

How many hotels have you been to where you’re given the keys to your own private 4WD and assigned your own private guide? At Awasi guests automatically have access to their own cars to help in their jungle sightseeing. Drive from archaeological Jesuit ruins to the Triple Frontier to the jungle animal rescue centre. Staying at Awasi means that, despite your remote location, you won’t miss out on any of it. The guides don’t disappoint either with all of them being deeply passionate and specialists in their field, from botany to ecology. Staying at Awasi certainly does the beauty of Iguazú Falls justice.


Awasi is officially carbon neutral thanks to its commitment to protecting indigenous forests and woodlands. Recycling and composting is another key focus, meanwhile seasonal produce is grown within the hotel grounds, and what can’t be grown here is then sourced in the surrounding area.

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