Makgadikgadi: A Quad Bike Safari in Remotest Botswana

If the thought of a traditional safari makes you yawn, you’ve come to the right place. Now’s your chance to swap sandy plains for salt flats and jeeps for quad bikes in remotest Botswana. This is the new generation of safari experience.

luxury in the desert

You’ll begin your alternative safari sipping tea in the luxurious 1920’s style Jack’s Camp. This may be camping, but it’s far from roughing it. Every detail, from the cool cotton sheets you sleep in, to the Persian rugs underfoot makes this camp unique. You may be in the middle of 16,000 square kilometres of deserted plains, but every luxury is available. Want your clothes laundered? No problem. Why not have it done while you’re indulging in a three-course meal?

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Unusual Wildlife

If previous safaris have consisted of elusive elephants, lazy lions, and waiting for hours with no hope of seeing a hippo, this is the trip for you. On this five day adventure, you’ll get friendly with the inquisitive inhabitants of this bustling plain. On a cold morning, you may find yourself with a meerkat snuggling up to you for warmth, or using your head as a sentry lookout post. After experiencing life inside Meerkat Manor, and tracking hyena and wildebeest over the scorched, white earth, you’ll be blazing across vast lunar expanses on your quad en route to your next stop: Kubu island.

Visit to Kubu Island

Home of ancient bloated baobab trees and the largest flamingo colony in the world, Kubu island is an eerie, mystical place. Discover ancient fossil beaches and mysterious stone walls guaranteed to amaze. Enjoy a candlelit dinner, before snuggling down into your luxury roll matt and duvet under the star-spangled sky. The next morning, you’ll jump on your quad and head back to Jack’s Camp across stunning salt-pans. With no visual landmarks, you’ll quickly start to lose perspective, and become totally reliant on your expert zoologist guide.

Indigenous experience

Jack’s Camp may feel like home, but your safari’s not over yet. You’re still to meet indigenous Bushmen trackers. They’ll teach you how they survive in this harshest of environments, making boy scouts and brownies look like a walk in the park. And they’ll certainly leave you wanting more. Breaking all the safari norms, Jack’s Camp and the five day Kubu Island experience is like nothing you’ve seen before. You really have to do it to believe it.