Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Buried deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforest, one of the world’s greatest exotic wildernesses, you’ll find Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge. Barely laying a finger on the environment it calls home, the lodge prides itself on its conservation whilst still maintaining luxury standards in its 20 stunning natural yet modern residences. If you want to experience the thrills and wonders of the Amazon, Anavilhanas is the place to do it with expert guides on hand and creepy crawlies kept at bay.


The lodge sits adjacent to the Anavilhanas National Park, on the banks of the Rio Negro which is the longest remaining tributary of the Amazon River. Fly to Manaus and from here your journey into the jungle is two and a half hours. The lodge is surrounded by nature at its absolute finest, with the rich greenery and biodiversity of the rainforest making it a truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Your room

Choose between 16 cottages and four bungalows to sleep in for the duration of your Amazonian adventure, each one with unbridled views out onto the rainforest. The rooms are decorated in a gorgeous combination of authentic wooden furniture and huge glass window panes so you can make the most of your scenic surroundings. We loved the hammocks out on their terraces, perfect for those afternoons where you just need to kick back and enjoy a sunset Caipirinha.

Why we like it?

Venturing into the world’s largest rainforest could seem a little daunting even to the most daring of travelers, but Anavilhanas will make you feel instantly at home. From the pool that overlooks the Rio Negro to the excursions to see pink porpoises, this lodge has definitely got the jungle right.

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