Bombay Peggy’s

Here at Black Tomato, we’re always on the look out for something a little bit different, and well, Bombay Peggy’s certainly fits the bill. A former, ahem, brothel, this playful Inn is named after one of its previous proprietors, the illustrious Margaret Vera Dorval – or as she was affectionately known ‘Bombay Peggy’. Thankfully, the building has now been fully renovated in keeping with its Victorian-style design to create a cosy and inviting space that still retains elements of its cheeky charm.


Bombay Peggy’s is set in the middle of historic gold rush town Dawson City in the wild landscapes of the Yukon. This living, breathing historical archive, never fails to celebrate its cultural past through regular art, music, literary, and natural history festivals. Stay at Bombay Peggy’s and you’ll never be all that far from the action.

Your room

Choose from seven individually themed and playfully nicknamed rooms, from the ‘lipstick room’ to ‘the sweet’. Featuring beautiful details such as claw-footed baths and deep rouge bedroom walls, these interiors offer some not-so-subtle signals of this building’s past life.

Why we like it

For such a historic establishment the extensive martini list provides an excellent contemporary touch. Not only are the drinks here expertly mixed with inventive combinations, but the cocktail menu makes for a pretty eyebrow-raising read.