Yellowknife Floating B&B

A unique accommodation experience through and through, the floating Bed & Breakfast on Yellowknife Bay is operated by residents and local experts, Daniel and Monique, each having over 10 years’ experience living in this fascinating eco-house. The owners are both fountains of knowledge and attentive hosts, but similarly, they’ll leave you to enjoy the dancing auroras by yourself if this is your desire.


Here’s something we don’t get to say very often – the location of this hotel depends on what time of year you go to visit…we’re pretty sure that’s a first in our history of reviewing hotels for your benefit. Canoe out to it in the summer months, whilst in the winter months you’ll be able to walk or drive out on the lake, as the Eco-friendly house and accompanying cabin will be frozen still. For those who want some solid coordinates, however (or, at least the best we can offer) the floating Bed & Breakfast generally sits (or drifts) around 200 metres from the shores of Yellowknife Bay.


You have two choices depending on your desire for privacy and independence; the Northern Guest Room is situated in the owner shared main house and sleeps two in a comfy queen size bed – the studio suite is an independent cabin that floats behind, offering private washroom and dining facilities, your own decking, and another queen size for you to sink into.


Floating accommodation for jet-setters is extremely rare, but floating accommodation in the wondrous landscapes of Canada’s Northwest Territories; well, that’s honestly a one-of-a-kind experience. Yellowknife is a brilliant hub from which to explore these territories, so the location of this B&B is a plus, whilst Daniel and Monique’s hosting skills and expertise keep customers coming back year after year.