Explora Rapa Nui – Easter Island

Explora Rapa Nui is a unique hotel in an even more unique location. Hundreds of miles away from, well, pretty much everything – Easter Island is a wonder of the ancient world, so to have the option to stay here in a hotel as beautiful as the Explora is a true privilege.


The hotel is situated in the Te Miro Oone area of Easter Island and boasts uninterrupted views over the Pacific Ocean. You can fly to the island’s Mataveri Airport via Santiago with the flight time standing at around five hours. From there it’s a quick transfer to the hotel and you’ll be in an untouched paradise of the likes you’ve never seen before. Easter Island represents the south easternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle and is incredibly remote; something you’ll begin to comprehend as you look out across the endless ocean from your hotel room.


All 30 rooms at Explora Rapa Nui look out over the ocean and have been designed to blend perfectly with the beauty of their natural surroundings. A lodge that was built with sustainability and the complete disconnection from the stresses of the modern world in mind, you won’t find Wi-Fi or televisions in any of the rooms. Instead, you’ll be left to enjoy the sound of silence and the views from your large windows that overlook the rolling landscapes and glistening waters beyond. Greens, browns and earthy tones compliment this idea of being all-natural and whilst you’ll be basking in luxury, you’ll also be staying at the first hotel in South America to obtain a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. Beyond the walls of your room, enjoy gourmet cuisine lovingly crafted from local ingredients, a refreshing pool and a relaxing massage room.


Yes the accommodation is beautiful and the location perfect, but Explora Rapa Nui is so much more than just a place to sleep. It’s an experience. You see, the knowledgeable staff not only ensure your evenings are relaxing and luxurious; they also strive to ensure you make the most of your time on the island. There’s an endless list of experiences and excursions guests can partake in, so there’s no need to worry about planning too far ahead. Passionate about the island on which they live, everyone at Explora will want you to leave their homeland feeling as enamoured as they do on a daily basis. That’s the sort of dedicated service we just can’t get enough of at Black Tomato.