Meet Colombia’s Sloth

Looking for something to alleviate those Monday blues? Well, we’ve got it. Say hello to Colombia’s ever-smiling sloth.

Native to the jungles of Central and South America, it’s incredibly easy to get up close and personal with one of these cuddly creatures in Colombia. Of course, you wouldn’t book a trip to Colombia just to see a Sloth (although we might…) but they’re definitely one of the country’s natural highlights.

So, where to see them? Well, as you’re probably aware, sloths aren’t exactly fast movers. They can, however, be notoriously hard to spot in the jungle. For a guaranteed sighting and a little sloth education, there’s nowhere better than the Aiunau Sloth Sanctuary, which can be found close to Medellin in Colombia. Here you’ll be able to come face to face (or smile to smile) with these unique and friendly animals. What’s more, the workers at the sanctuary are passionate about educating its visitors on the current plight of sloths and how we can help to protect them. Sloth cuddles and a lesson on how to help them? Now that’s a good day.

We can’t forget that Colombia is home to an incredible array of exotic species that we could spend all day talking about. But it’s Monday; the kind of day we all need to see a friendly smile.

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