Kokomo Private Island

Runaway to Kokomo on Fiji’s private island, or fly away, should we say. Take to the skies in Kokomo’s private seaplane and land on unspoilt waters where an unrivalled experience awaits you. Whether you spend the mornings swimming with sea turtles or while away the afternoons with a kayak paddle in hand; your escape to Fiji’s private island will be one to remember. Spread sparingly along the island’s two longest beaches, Kokomo’s 26 beachfront villas and residences are the ultimate luxury and its fresh seafood cuisine is the ultimate indulgence. Play castaway you say? Gladly.


Hop on the private seaplane and be sure to pick the window seat as flying for 45 minutes from Nadi International Airport over the crystal clear blue waters of the Pacific is an experience in itself. Encircled by the planet’s fourth-largest reef; Fiji is world-renown as one of the best diving spots on the planet. Dip your head beneath the water’s surface and discover sea turtles swimming amongst the untouched coral, kayak around the island at sunrise, or embark on a trek to a secret waterfall.


With only 26 villas and residences on the whole island, privacy and seclusion are guaranteed at Kokomo. The thatched-roof Fijian suites are complete with private infinity pools and uninterrupted views of the island and its surroundings on the outside, whilst on the inside, a chic, yet understated, master bedroom awaits. Step through to the bathroom and discover an oversized soaking tub before opening the doors onto a tropical Fijian outdoor shower that spills onto the villa’s private deck.  And if escaping to a private island still isn’t quite private enough, why not take Kokomo over in its entirety and get everyone together for a celebration that you’ll never forget?


While Fiji is better known for its unparalleled beaches, there’s no denying that it’s home to some of the most unique fish and seafood dishes that you’ll ever come across. A must-try is Kokoda, Fiji’s equivalent to South America’s ceviche, made up of finely chopped raw mahi-mahi and dressed in a thick coconut cream with onions, lemon, lime, salt and chillis. There’s nothing else quite like it; dine on the ocean’s edge listening to the soft lapping of the waves.