The Brando

If you’re looking for unadulterated desert island bliss, The Brando is the place for you. Sitting pretty on its own private isle in the heart of French Polynesia, expect crystal lagoon views and unforgettable sunsets. Spend your days exploring the surrounding wildlife, whether you prefer to cycle, snorkel, or take to the paddleboard. Evenings can be spent indulging in cuisine designed by a Michelin-starred chef, or sipping cocktails in tree-top seating areas that look out across the palm canopy. Sounds acceptable to us…


30 miles Northeast of Tahiti there lays a sparkling lagoon surrounded by a dozen small islands. One of these islands goes by the name of Tetiaroa, a secluded haven upon which you will find The Brando and its scattering of villas nestled amidst some of the world’s best-preserved flora and fauna.


Well, not so much a room as a 1,033 square foot villa. Carefully designed to blend into and enhance the serenity of your unparalleled surroundings, expect naturalistic furnishings with quaint Polynesian influences. Relax in your outdoor bathtub or take the plunge in your glittering private pool. We have a feeling you’ll be quite immersed in the surrounding nature, but your very own media room with WiFi, music, and TV is at hand for when the 21st Century calls.


Pure. Serenity. This is private island living as it should be, and whether you’re feasting on fruits grown in the island’s own orchards, indulging in shellfish plucked straight from Polynesian waters, or enjoying a spa treatment high up in the palm trees, we can guarantee you will feel an affiliation with this place that leaves you never wanting to leave.