Hotel Húsafell, West Iceland

Sustainable luxury at the heart of an otherworldly wilderness, Hotel Húsafell beckons. Emerging out of a landscape of glacial lagoons and ancient lava plains, the 48-room hotel treads lightly on the environment whilst delivering heavily on experience. Here you’ll find seasonal cuisine, local art and geothermal baths all on your doorstep, and all beneath the glow of the Northern Lights.


90 minutes west of Reykjavik and Húsafell offers up a whole other corner of Iceland to discover. 10 hiking trails extend out from the property, but our favourite takes you on a gentle hike past waterfalls and glaciers to a pair of hidden canyon baths. Time your visit for sunset when the canyon is bathed in light and you’ll feel Iceland’s natural wonder truly come to life.

Your Room

The 48 rooms showcase a fresh, modern design with thoughtful touches that will put you at ease. The floors are heated, perfect for those Icelandic winters, whilst some rooms also feature private patios, ideal for basking beneath the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights alike. On the walls, you’ll find works by Páll Guðmundsson, Iceland’s foremost artist – who also happens to live just across the road.

Why we like it

Hotel Húsafell  is well regarded as one of the best spots in Iceland to see the Northern Lights. They say it’s down to their unique location near the snow-covered peaks of Langjokull glacier which give way to crisp, cloudless skies – but we think it may also have something to do with their eagle-eyed watch team who are on hand to give you a call whenever the lights appear. During the winter, this could be as often as three times a week on average. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the Northern Lights Institute has set up nearby.


Iceland’s first and only fully self-sustainable hotel, Hotel Húsafell is powered entirely by the hot springs that surround it. Eager to learn more? The hotel can also organise a guided tour of the onsite hydroelectric plant.