Shakti 360 Leti, Himalayas

The first and only place of its kind in the Himalaya, the Shakti 360 Leti consists of four luxury cabins built with age-old techniques and local materials with an innovative contemporary design. Spend your time reading, practicing yoga or taking guided walks through the mountains, or just relax and enjoy. Set in a breathtakingly romantic mountain wilderness at 8,000 feet in northern Uttaranchal, the Shakti 360 Leti is a place where you can take time to reflect, and allow the space, peace and astonishing landscape to work its magic on you. The air is clean, pure and soundless, the view over the snow-covered peaks is stunning and the gourmet restaurant serves fresh, delicious meals. Heavenly.


Located high up in the Himalayas the journey to reach Shakti 360 Leti is a spectacular adventure. Fantastically secluded, you’ll need to take a train from Delhi and then a further seven hour drive through the most spectacular mountains in the world. Following that, you will (gently) walk 1.5 hours through breathtaking scenery before you arrive at Shakti 360 Leti. Don’t let the distance put you off – not only are the views along the journey sensational, but the absolute tranquillity when you reach Shakti 360 Leti is completely unparalleled.

Your room

Each of the luxurious cabins has glass walls, so you never have to waste the spectacular views; sit on your private decking and absorb your surroundings or lie back in bed and be dazzled by a sky full of stars. Each cabin is designed to embrace the natural surroundings, with teak floors, woollen rugs and handcrafted wooden furniture. The rooms are kept snug by solar heating and wood burning stoves, or you can snuggle down with a hot water bottle beneath the huge bed’s feather duvet and colourful pashmina throws. The en suite bathrooms are huge, with brass sinks and all the comfort you could need.

Why we like it

There are not many places on earth where you can find such seclusion, but also such luxury: we love waking up and feeling like we are the only people on earth. That is until we see someone has left a delicious breakfast on the terrace…


Green is the colour at Shakti 360 Leti. The lodgings are incomparably eco-friendly, with the majority running solely on solar power. Waste water is effectively recycled and the use of fair-trade, locally-sourced organic produce helps both the environment and the local community.