Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Andamans

For those in search of that untouched archipelago, that unknown hideaway and that ultimate escapism, we’ve found the answer in the Andaman Islands. There, on Havelock Island, fringed by mangroves and bathed in sunshine lies the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa. Home to a pristine ecosystem where flora and fauna live in vibrant abundance, restaurants traverse oceans in search of authentic dishes and 50 villas camouflage themselves beneath a canopy of coconut and palmyra trees; arrive here and discover the Indian Ocean’s best-kept secret.


Wreathed by the famed white sands of Radhanagar Beach, Taj Exotica Andamans is a slice of tropical escapism tucked away on a tranquil corner of Havelock Island. But escapism has never been easy to find – for if it were, everyone would already be there. Arriving at the resort is a case of planes, catamarans and automobiles as you fly into Port Blair at Veer Savarkar before sailing for two-and-a-half hours across the aquamarine waters and finally completing your journey with a 30-minute drive. Trust us though, as you arrive to the soft-tones of a song sung by young Nicobari staff, you’ll know it was worth it.

Your Room

Modernist, minimalist – and conservationist. At Taj Exotica Andamans it’s nature first, accommodation second with the 50 villas all built without cutting down a single tree. But just because there is this dedication to the environment (did we mention the island is also plastic free?), doesn’t mean there is any compromise on creature comforts. King-size beds take centre stage in the rooms before leading onto sweeping dressing and bathrooms where rain showers and soaking tubs overlook the verdant greens outside and private terraces take you closer still.

Why we like it

Taj Exotica Andamans likes to do things differently – and that’s something we can really get on board with. Beyond the unique location itself, we loved their amped-up approach to that Andaman Sea staple; the mangrove safari. Now, you depart after the sun has set, alongside a team of expert kayakers to navigate the mangroves only by the moonlight. Well – not just moonlight. Run a hand through the calm, dark waters and watch in awe as they light up with hundreds of glowing, star-like phytoplankton in the natural phenomenon of phosphorescence. This truly is a place to appreciate the beauty of nature.