The Komodo Islands: Set Sail with all the Family in Indonesia


May To October


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How long

7 nights ideal length

All aboard, the family adventure of a lifetime awaits. Sparkling seas, vibrant underwater worlds, pink sand beaches, and last but certainly not least, dragons – this luxurious seven-night Indonesian jaunt is the perfect blend of adventure and luxury.  Set sail on the Dunia Baru, our travel experts’ go to traditional Indonesian yacht, where you’ll discover all that the Komodo National Park has to offer. Spend your days splashing in turquoise seas and searching for mighty Komodo Dragons, whilst in the evenings, huddle around beach campfires and gaze up at the stars. This expertly crafted trip through the Indonesian seas and Komodo National Park is perfect for curious kids and adults alike – so get ready to set sail.

Your adventure begins in the small fishing town of Labuan Bajo. On arrival at the airport, you will be met by a smiling crew member and whisked off to Dunia Baru, your luxurious floating home for the next eight days. Once on board, it’s time to hoist the sails and set sail for your first port of call, Gili Lawa Darat. Enjoy a gourmet lunch out on deck as you carve your way through the sea, before dropping anchor and setting off on your first adventure.

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Sailing into the Sunset

In the early evening, hop off board and onto the little island of Gili Lawa Darat. Here, you’ll be taken on a gentle hike up the island, arriving at the top just in time for breathtaking sunset views over the Flores Sea and the Komodo National Park. Is there a better way to start a holiday? We don’t think so. Later, return to Dunia Baru and enjoy an exquisite dinner, before curling up in your luxurious cabin for the night.

After a morning spent lying on the beach, snorkelling amongst the bright corals or taking the jet skis out for a spin, you’ll sail off to Komodo Bay. On the way, you’ll stop off at one of our favourite spots – Makassar Reef. Whilst this shallow, flat-bottomed coral reef may look fairly ordinary at first, it’s one of the best places in the national park to see manta rays. So grab some flippers and dive in for a truly memorable experience swimming with these gentle giants. Don’t be too quick to dry off after though, we have another amazing snorkelling trip planned for you at Komodo Bay. Drift snorkelling is undoubtedly our favourite kind of snorkelling, simply jump in and kick back as the current carries you along the beautiful reef.

That evening, we have another spectacular sunset up our sleeve. You’ll anchor in Komodo Bay, near to the little island of Pulau Katong, also known as ‘Bat Island’ – and you’ll soon see why. The island is home to thousands of fruit bats who live amongst the dense mangrove forests but come sunset, watch as they take to the skies against a beautiful panoramic background. You’ll definitely want to have your camera at the ready.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

You may have to pinch yourself at the end of today. Wake up bright and early and make the most of the cooler temperatures as you set off on a morning nature walk. Along with an expert park ranger, you’ll go in search of the famous Komodo Dragon. We’d tell you to keep your eyes peeled, but at a maximum length of 3 metres and weighing more than 70kg, these legendary lizards are pretty hard to miss when they decide to come out and play. Then, from one extraordinary experience to another, it’s off to Pink Beach. Forget endless white sandy beaches, in Komodo Bay, it’s all about soft, warm, rosy pink sand. This beach really is the stuff of fantasy and it only gets better as you dive into the perfectly clear Flores Sea.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Padar, a former home of Komodos but they have since moved on, making this a charming spot for trekking or water sports. Spend the day taking in the beautiful scenery before swapping stories around a beach bonfire in the evening. The next morning, the wildlife wonderland of Nusa Kode awaits. Whether you chose to be above or below water, you won’t be disappointed. If you’d rather stay dry, hop aboard a rib and cruise along the shoreline, where you can see Komodos in their natural habitat, or dive down underwater and marvel at some of the biggest reef fish in the national park.

Ultimate Escapism

Spend your final two days making the most of this turquoise paradise. Sokolo Bay offers the ultimate seclusion and with only a few boats, you can really enjoy the beautiful scenery. Be as adventurous or as laid back as you like; go banana boating, water skiing, kayaking along the shoreline – or just lie back with a good book. The choice is yours. In the evening, this secluded bay near Rinca Island makes the perfect spot for stargazing.

Tomorrow is your final day and your final opportunity for dragon discovery. You’ll have spent the night sailing up to North Rinca, ready for another early nature walk in the morning. Take in the beautiful vistas as you explore these pristine islands for one last time and, fingers crossed, get treated to a Komodo sighting. Then, in the afternoon, there’s time for one last snorkel – and arguably, it’s the best one yet. Tatawa Besar is a snorkelling treasure trove, with some of the best visibility around and warmer waters bringing large schools of fish to the colourful corals. Trust us, you’re in for a treat. Your holiday ends the same way it started, with a breathtaking sunset. So grab a cocktail and savour the moment as the sun melts away behind the distant Sangean Volcano. Relaxed and contented, drift off to sleep listening to the gentle lapping of the waves.

Eight days and 123 nautical miles later, it’s time to return to port at Labuan Bajo. But, as you board your flight home, be sure to look over the photos on your camera as proof that you didn’t just dream the whole trip.

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