Raja Ampat: Charter a Yacht through Untold Indonesia




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How long

6 nights ideal length

Indonesia is a treasure trove of alluring choices. Thousands of beautiful tropical islands, rich and diverse cultures and some of the best diving locations in the world. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s to follow the road (or marine wildlife) straight to Raja Ampat. Here, we’ve curated a seven-day trip bespoke aquatic adventure cruising through some of the most pristine waters, reefs, and archipelagos in the world, with expert marine biologists by your side. This journey will leave you with total isolation onboard a yacht beginning and ending at Sorong. Divesuit up, lean back, and dive deep into the depths of the open Indonesian Archipelago. It’s just you and the open ocean.

Diving into Paradise

Today you’ll begin your adventure on Sorong’s harbour where you’ll board your vessel carefully designed with Asia in mind. Jump right into a diving adventure or relax out back and watch the ocean float by in the distance. After lunch onboard, you will arrive at your magnificent jungle clad anchorage in the late afternoon. Mioskon Bay is surrounded by thick jungle inhabited by all manner of bird species, where you can explore the mangroves and paddleboard on mirror still waters. Here, you can also snorkel in the bay and have your first taste of Raja Ampat’s spectacular coral reefs. This evening, you may see a colony of fruit bats setting out on their nightly jaunt while you enjoy your first dinner onboard.

Make this itinerary yours

Each and every Black Tomato trip is tailored exactly to who you are and what you want to do So tell us about yourself and we’ll create something that’s entirely you.

Start Planning

If you’re up for more of a challenge, we’ll cruise through the incredible diving spots of Magic Mountain, Cape Kri, Manta Sandy, Nudi Rock and Boo Windows – areas so remote that you’ll often find that the journey involves uninterrupted days of discovery. Home to the world’s most bio-diverse marine ecosystem and untouched habitats, the area boasts 1,200 species of fish, 550 species of coral, and six of the world’s seven species of sea turtle. At Kofiau Island, a record-breaking 284 species can be found on one single dive.

The Passage

For the next two days, the yacht will cruise the interminable green island maze that comprises the most visually stunning scene in Raja Ampat – the Wayag Islands. Postcard worthy and a magnificent backdrop for watersports. Early the next day, rise for the best chance of sighting a rare Red Bird of Paradise on the island of Gam. Return to your yacht for a well-earned breakfast and take in the statuesque mushroom islands of Kabui Bay, marking the entrance to a narrow channel of water through which strong currents run with each tide – the famous Passage.

Island Cruising

Further south, the Dampier Strait conveys massive quantities of seawater, forcing currents to flow parallel to the equator where most currents flow north and south. Dampier’s tidal surges carry planktonic feasts that attract hundreds of Manta rays at this time of year near Arborek Island. Spend time diving or snorkelling over the shallow sandy bottom and wait for the giant mantas to pass, swooping past with curious eyes in an elegant underwater ballet. After lunch onboard, head to shore to Arborek village. Communities in Raja Ampat primarily make their living from sustainable fishing and pearling, with around 18 villages in the region, all of which are very small. Arborek has a population of under 200, with very hospitable people creating handicrafts

The yacht will set sail early the following morning towards Sorong. After a farewell breakfast and one last sunrise, you will be swept to the harbour by your yacht’s crew and onwards to your home destination.

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