Cottar’s Safaris, Maasai Mara

Nowhere does ‘Out of Africa’ quite like Cottar’s Safaris. With the clue arguably in the name, this is a step back to the golden age of safari where you’ll set off on you very own expedition from beneath the billowing canvas of the nine retro-outfitted safari tents. Sat within a vital wildlife corridor for the Great Migration, the game here is second to none with an unspoiled landscape that affords views that stretch as far as the game freckled Serengeti plains of neighbouring Tanzania. Spend your days out in the company of Maasai guides, in search of wildlife or connecting with their communities, before retreating to an evening of Pan-African cuisine enjoyed in the company of fine wine and candlelight.


On a 7,000-acre private conservancy nestled between the Maasai Mara and Serengeti Game Reserves, Cottar’s Safaris boasts quite possibly the best address in Africa. With endless game at your disposal, set off on morning and night drives across the conservancy into the inimitable Mara plains in search of an almost-guaranteed Big Five, or stick closer to home and take pleasure in the smaller details on guided bush walks. Had enough wildlife? Cottar’s support a number of community initiatives which you’re welcome to visit too.

Your Room

Despite being spread over a relatively large area, the camp itself is comprised of just nine canvas tents and an exclusive-use five-bedroom Bush Villa nearby. Peer behind these tents however and discover anything but your conventional camping experience. Honouring 1920s art deco, you’ll find sumptuous four-poster beds, large outdoor verandas and a number of treasures and trinkets harking back to the Golden Age. For something that little bit special too, your ensuite bathroom comes with a portable feature – the bathtub. Ask your camp hosts and these pop-up canvas tubs can be set up out in the savannah for a truly unique bathing experience.

Why we like it

With over 7,000 acres to explore, Cottar’s is not content to simply stick within the realms of the camp. To that end, unleash and indulge your inner exploratory spirit with a night spent fly camping beneath the stars. A family of pioneering Africa specialists, the Cottars have been roaming these plains since 1919 with their fly camp a nod to these early days of safari. There is a simple luxury and an effortless romance to be found in spending a night out here in the bush and something we believe everyone should do at least once.