The Maldives: Luxury Atoll Hopping

Sri Lanka, India, Dubai; the Maldives is the perfect island complement to any Indian Ocean getaway. But who says you need to go somewhere else first? Now we have a new favourite pairing; The Maldives and The Maldives. Home to over 1,000 islands, organised into 26 gleaming atolls, how could one ever be enough? On this eight-night trip through one of the world’s most luxurious island nations, we are combining two of our favourite private islands to create an indulgent getaway where the romance flows and the waters beckon. Floating amid the Baa and Noonu Atolls, Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani ooze an effortlessly casual approach to luxury that we can’t get enough of. Places where private astronomers, leading wellness practitioners and water slides curving down into crystal-clear lagoons all come as standard; these are islands you’ll dream of being marooned on. Add in a luxurious private yacht to sail between the two and you’ve got one stylish getaway.


Your week of desert island bliss begins with three nights at the original Maldivian idyll of Soneva Fushi. Just 1,400 meters long and 400 meters wide, Soneva Fushi is barefoot luxury at its most impact. But what this tiny jewel-like isle may lack in size, it more than makes us for in experiences. Drop your bags at one of the gorgeous beachfront villas and take a moment to bury your toes in the sand and take it all in.

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The next four days are yours to spend as you please and with your personal butler, aptly named Mr. Friday, on hand to organise it all for you at the drop of a hat, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy. To ease you into the life of laidback luxury, we’d recommend making the Six Senses Spa your first port of call. Book in for a signature massage and feel any traces of jet lag gently slip away. From there, stave off any growing sense of appetite with a meal served anywhere from within the herb garden, atop the lagoon at Out of the Blue, in the privacy of your villa – or even on a deserted island. Always fresh, always delicious; dining at Soneva Fushi is a delight for all the senses.

From here on out, the island is your oyster. So, what will it be? Snorkelling with manta rays? A movie enjoyed beneath a sky blanketed in stars? Or how about a night spent on your own private sandbank, sleeping in the comfort of a chic Bedouin tent? A must-do during a stay at Soneva Fushi, you’ll be whisked out into the expanse of the Indian Ocean at sunset to come to a private island where a candlelit dinner and private chef awaits. With nothing but the ocean around you and the stars above you, the world couldn’t give you a more romantic setting.

On a Wide Wide Sea

From Soneva Fushi, there is only one way to arrive at your next destination. Not by speedboat, not by seaplane – but by Soneva’s very-own private yacht, Soneva in Aqua. Complete with its own Captain, Sous Chef, Mr. Friday, Dive Master, Massage Therapist and Astronomer, spend two days wanting for nothing as you sail from Soneva Fushi in the Baa Atoll onto Soneva Jani in the Noonu Atoll. Complete with a master cabin that boasts a glass-bottomed spa tub, kick back on the sundeck, soak away in the jacuzzi or simply gaze out at the endless blue hues that lie between the lagoon and the sky. With coral reefs and breakpoints aplenty, Soneva In Aqua takes you closer to some of the best spots for a swim, surf and a snorkel as you sail in style off to your next stop.

Constellation Conclusion

Sailing into Soneva Jani and you’ll instantly know that you’ve arrived somewhere extraordinary. Made up of five islands, dotted amid a glittering private lagoon, 24 villas of jaw-dropping proportions sit atop pristine waters with infinity pools that jut out into the blue, hammocks that drape lazily over the waters and water slides that curve around to land you with a splash. Three nights here, but you’ll wish it was forever.

Fill your days with dolphin safaris, desert-island picnics and endless scoops of ice-cream from the complimentary So Cool ice-cream and chocolate bar. But at Soneva Jani, it’s really all about those night skies. Time your visit right and sit down to a unique Full Moon Dinner, prepared just once a month according to the lunar cycle and served on a quiet sandbar on Baraveli Beach. As the moon bathes the sand below in a luminous glow and reflects back in the shimmer of the waters, there’s an undeniable sense of magic to be felt. For those who can’t get enough of the night skies, there’s also So Starstruck, the Maldives’ first overwater observatory where night skies are magnified to light up your meal with the power of the cosmos.

Retreating to your Water Retreat Villa, you’ll no doubt fall back into a deep and contented sleep – but not before hitting that secret button by the side of the bed to slide back the roof above you and reveal the twinkling constellations that lie above. The real world? It’s a million miles away.