Ser CasaSandra, Isla Holbox

Ser CasaSandra on the Isla Holbox is one of our favourite undiscovered retreats. Isla Holbox is still widely unknown so you really get the experience of being in a secluded, serene island. Relax in your hammock outside your room by the white sand beaches and watch the tide come and go. Every piece of furniture is hand-made by local artisans so you’ll have everything you need, nothing more, nothing less, to give you a space for peaceful dreams on this island paradise.


Isla Holbox is simply irresistible to those craving escapism. Spoil yourself at the spa, go kayaking, kiteboarding or windsurfing in the clear, warm waters, and we definitely recommend exploring the seven-mile-long island on your golf cart (there are no cars after all). If you are there in July or August though, our absolute favourite thing to do is swim with whale sharks. These gigantic fish come to this area every year to feed on plankton and krill and swimming beside one of these magnificent creatures is an opportunity that you absolutely cannot miss. If snorkelling isn’t your thing though, don’t worry, there is no shortage of options to fill your day. We won’t tell if you spend all your days simply lying on the beach. After all, you need a tan to show off when you get back home.

your room

Fluffy blankets and mattresses, 500 count thread Egyptian cotton; pure serenity overlooking the sea. What more could you ask for? Every room has its own rustic and elegant decoration with various artworks to inspire one to relax and enjoy the silence of the surroundings.

why we like it

You can’t come to a tropical island and not expect the freshest of seafood. CasaSandra is no exception. Tuck into amazing dishes with a Cuban twist as they are all made by the “happy Cuban” chef, Felix, who loves to experiment with different flavours and spices in all his creations so be prepared for a unique meal every time you eat here, either at lunchtime to admire the clear blue sea, or in the evening by the light of the flaming candle torches. Be sure to try the Camarones Coco Chipotle (prawns with coconut chipotle sauce) for a spicy seafood sensation. Seriously tasty.