Argentina: Experience a Solar Eclipse from a Luxury Private Camp

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“On December 14th, 2020, at 1:07 in the afternoon, the world will be plunged into ethereal and temporary darkness. As the Moon makes its transit between the Earth and the Sun, those who glance (safely, with their eyes protected) into the false sky will — for 2 minutes and 10 seconds — experience one of the natural world’s rarest and most spectacular encounters.”

Join us in experiencing it.

An occurrence as unique as this, deserves to be marked. With that in mind, and in the company of our team of local Patagonian experts, we’ve rolled out the map, picked out the perfect spot and planned a route. Following the path of the eclipse, we’re setting up camp (literally) and bringing some of the best guides, astronomers and chefs in the country with us. This is no ordinary camping trip though, with luxurious setups complete with woodburning hot tubs. Your camp is completely customisable, meaning your experience is too. Spend two nights slumbering beneath astronomy in motion, but on either side of that there’s time to explore further with a night at the Rojo Tango in Buenos Aires, a mate tasting on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake and a further starlit experience on the remote Isla Victoria. The perfect trip to mark the end of 2020, bring friends, bring family – or simply come as you are. This is one for the ages.


(An example of what our luxury camp in San Martín de los Andes will look and feel like)


  • Spend two nights in a luxury Black Tomato Blink camp, designed exclusively for you, for the eclipse. Our camps come fully equipped with four-poster beds with high-quality bedding, luxury bathroom facilities, private chefs and expert guides – as well as spa therapists, bartenders and white water rafting instructors if you so wish.
  • Access to an expert astronomical guide on eclipse day who will walk you through the science behind this natural phenomena from your own private viewing spot. They’ll also provide all necessary eclipse viewing equipment, such as glasses and telescopes.
  • Experience a traditional Argentinian asado from your luxury camp, beneath a star-blanketed sky and complete with local music and entertainment, on the evening before the eclipse.
  • Pre and post eclipse, we are able to curate a custom set of experiences throughout Argentina – such as a night in a luxury wilderness camp on the remote Isla Victoria or an evening behind the scenes of one of Buenos Aires’s top speakeasy bars. It doesn’t have to be over just because the sun’s come out.

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St Lucia, Barbados & Jamaica: A Gourmet Getaway in the Caribbean

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Freshly caught fish off the coast of St Lucia; Complex rum flavours in the Abbeys of Barbados; Family-treasured jerk recipes on the streets of Jamaica. Each Caribbean island boasts its own distinct flavour.

Think of the Caribbean and think of a riot of colour, culture and flavour. There’s a heady concoction of tastes to be found here, all of which combine to create something quite remarkable. Proof that the Caribbean is not just for the beachcombers, spend ten days hopping between the vibrant isles of St Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica and discover the unique flavour of each. From freshly caught fish off St Lucia to the complex rum flavours of Barbados and the family-treasured jerk recipes of Jamaica, this trip will have your appetite fully sated. But never content just to satisfy, we’ll bookend these culinary experiences with immersive local encounters and island explorations by white water raft, horseback and catamaran. Ensuring every whim is catered to, right down to that all-important sea view from the islands’ best hotels, it’s time to escape to the Caribbean.

Get a taste of island life alongside one of St Lucia’s budding young chefs in the charming fishing village of Soufriere

Your culinary immersion begins on the Piton-peaked island of St Lucia where you’ll spend three nights at the stunning enclave of Sugar Beach, strolling barefoot along a beach that’s every bit as perfect as it sounds. Settle in, perhaps stopping by the Rainforest Spa for one of their signature chocolate body polishes, before exploring the charming fishing village of Soufriere the next day. Here, you’ll spend some time getting to know the local culture as you sample some of the island’s favourite foods – from vegetable soup to fried dumplings and cocoa tea, before enjoying a tasting with one of the island’s up-and-coming chefs.

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Eater Journeys: Melbourne

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As experts in luxury travel, we know a thing or two about getting around the world in style.

That’s why we’ve combined our round-the-world travel expertise with the culinary insight of Eater. This slice-by-slice tour of Australian food, and the landscapes which gave rise to it, is the result, making use of our approach to truly bespoke, experiential travel. Scroll down to read the full itinerary or click the button below to browse more food-focused Eater experiences.


The fourth itinerary in our co-curated trip series with Eater, this Melbourne trip takes the food authority’s piping-hot recommendations and blends them with Black Tomato’s global travel knowledge. The result? The ultimate food-focused itinerary to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Read below to find out more or see our other Eater Journeys here.

Home of bohemian culture, creative hipsters and charming suburbs with no shortage of incredible dining experiences, Melbourne really does have it all. Australia’s trendiest city is a hotspot among coffee-fanatics and food-lovers alike, with every turn bursting with multicultural flavours from around the globe. For the next six nights, you’ll eat your way around Melbourne, before heading out to the coastal delights of the Mornington Peninsula and the vineyards of Yarra Valley to round up a truly tantalising Aussie adventure.

A true taste of Melbourne

Diving straight into the rhythm of Melbourne, the sleek QT Melbourne hotel will your base for the next two nights of food-focused exploration. Appetite ready, on day one your private guide will whisk you off for a Melbourne Food Trails tour, as you taste your way through five satisfying food stops. Layer by layer, we’ll peel away the highlights of food, architecture and history of a city bursting with community pride. Inspiring stories shared by your guide at the Immigration Museum will provide insight into how the migration of over 200 nationalities has evolved Melbourne and how food is celebrated as the heartbeat of its culture.

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See It All in Israel: The Old, The New & The Unknown

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A place that’s stood the test of time and now looks to the future, Israel is an intricate story waiting to be told. From the deep history and sanctity of Jerusalem to the energetic pulse and changing landscape of Tel Aviv, spend eight nights travelling through Israel and discover all the influences that have come together to make the country what it is today. Along the way, you’ll be joined by expert guides and specialists in fields such as defence, cuisine and design to make sure you really get under the skin of the destination. Whether snorkelling through the ruins of Caesarea, rappelling down Ramon Crater or wandering the tunnels of the Kotor, you’ll unearth a side to Israel few others have seen. Dusted off with a few days out in the solitude of the Negev Desert, leave no stone unturned on this luxury holiday to Israel.

Ancient Jerusalem

Touching down in the ancient capital of Jerusalem, we’ll be on hand to whisk you off to the stylish Mamilla hotel for the next three nights. Right on the fringes of the Old City, take the rest of the day at a leisurely pace, perhaps enjoying the sunset from the rooftop lounge before setting off on your first discovery tomorrow. Join an expert guide as you take a deep dive into Jerusalem’s Old City and join the dots between Holy Sites revered by the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. From the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, we’ll head to the Dome of the Rock where, if you let us know in advance, we’ll arrange for you to go up into the Dome itself. From there, we’re taking you underground to the 485metres of the Kotel that sit hidden from view from the surface. It’s an up-close look at one of Jerusalem’s most iconic sights – but from a whole new perspective.

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Jerusalem & Tel Aviv: A Cultural Week in Israel

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Israel is a feast for the mind and senses. Fulfilling all curiosities, this destination is teeming with rich culture, natural beauty and complex history. Bringing together Jerusalem’s ancient walls and luring markets with the golden beaches and pulsating entrepreneurial rhythm of Tel Aviv, delve into the stories that have shaped the Holy land on a compelling six-night journey through Israel’s past and present. Gain local insight with a visit to local communities, expert insight as you tour the Israel Museum with a Docent and historical insight with visits to old munitions factories and Holocaust memorials. Accompanied by some of the best guides in the business, you’ll leave no stone unturned in this culture-packed week in the Middle East.


Your Israeli narrative begins in Jerusalem. Landing at Ben Gurion Airport, you’ll be whisked off by private transfer to the luxury Mamilla Hotel where for three nights you’ll be perfectly based in the heart of the historic centre. Relax and soak up the atmosphere from the comfort of Mamilla’s sun-trap rooftop lounge and witness the sweeping vistas over the Old City with a glass of wine in hand. Over the next two days, you’ll be diving deep into the hidden realms of ancient Israel. Start off uncovering the city’s sacred Jewish, Christian and Muslim sites with the expertise of your private guide, from the Kotel (Western Wall) and Church of the Holy Sepulchre to the heartbeat of ancient Jerusalem – the City of David. Lose yourself within its old passageways, hidden springs and underground tunnels that date back three-thousand years, where kings and prophets once wandered and where the original books of the Bible were written.

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EATER Journeys: Paris & Burgundy

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As luxury travel experts, we know a thing or two about getting around the world in style.

That’s why we’ve combined our round-the-world travel expertise with the culinary insight of Eater. This slice-by-slice tour of French food, and the landscapes which gave rise to it, is the result, making use of our approach to truly bespoke, experiential travel. Scroll down to read the full itinerary or click the button below to browse more food-focused Eater experiences.


A bite of a single madelaine – France’s most delicate and buttery cake – was enough to send the narrator of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time into a 1,000-page-long reverie on life and love. And this, we think, says everything you need to know about the French and their food. On this extremely bon excursion around the land of haute cuisine and world-class wines, you’ll learn your Mille-feuille from your croque monsieur.


Paris. A city of cute bistros, elegant restaurants, and revolutionary inclinations. Here, our guide will be your maitre’d, swooping you across to Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, your elegant 3-night oasis in the beating heart of Paris, an idyllic base for a Parisian eating adventure. Relax and unwind before getting out on the town, starting with pre-dinner drinks in the stylish Marais neighborhood. Swing by Aux Deux Amis, famous for its organic wines and top selection of tap beers, and Le Vin au Vert for their natural champagnes, before your reservation at La Bourse et la Vie; one of Paris’s finest bistros


Rise and shine, it’s time to meet a local culinary expert for a tour of some of Paris’s most famed local markets, including Marché Montorgeuil and Rungis. Enjoy the sights and sounds of daily Parisian life as you learn how to source the best ingredients for a classic French meal, followed by a private cooking class near La Bourse. Belly full, it’s time to kick back and relax with an afternoon at leisure before taking a seat at the renowned Champeaux Les Halles, nestled beneath the renovated glass Canopée des Halles. This sleek brasserie revisits classic French dishes from green bean salad to steak frites and succulent lamb chops. The winning dish, however, is their signature soufflé. Sweet or savoury? The choice is yours.


Cheese and wine are the ultimate pairing. And so, today’s lunch will be spent learning how France’s culinary traditions have handed them the crown as a world leader in producing rich, bold cheeses and sumptuous wines. A sommelier will coach you through the wine labels and food pairings while you indulge in France’s dairy delicacies. Your dinner reservation tonight is at Sellae, near the Gare d’Austerlitz, for some rustic contemporary French comfort food, including mussels cooked with vin jaune and chorizo, guinea hen in cream sauce with morels. Don’t forget to save room for dessert: a superbly rich chocolate mousse.

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EATER Journeys: Rome & Florence

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As luxury travel experts, we know a thing or two about getting around the world in style.

That’s why we’ve combined our round-the-world travel expertise with the culinary insight of Eater. This slice-by-slice tour of Italian food, and the landscapes which gave rise to it, is the result, making use of our approach to truly bespoke, experiential travel. Scroll down to read the full itinerary or click the button below to browse more food-focused Eater experiences.


With a food scene liberally dunked in the olive oil of history, Italy serves up a truly incomparable eating experience. For Italians, cooking and wine are – well – their culture’s bread and butter, all of it farmed, grown and cultivated from the country’s alpine nose to its balmy tail. Tomatoes raised on rich volcanic soil; plump lemons pulled from the branches of Amalfi; focaccia freshly baked in the ovens of Florence. Good food is good culture. With the world-renowned culinary insight from our friends at Eater, we’ve brought together two of the most mouth-watering spots for you to tuck into; Rome and Florence.


Your gastronomic journey begins in the heart of Rome. On arrival, we will transport you deep within the city to Spalletti Trivelli, your base the next few nights. Set in a traditional Italian garden, this intimate hotel is the ideal spot for those who want to escape the bustle of the city without missing out on all the action. Once settled, tonight’s meal of classic cucina romana at Trattoria Da Cesare al Casaletto is sure to set the bar high. Here, you can check off most of your Roman food bucket list, from the rich cacio e pepe to tender lamb chops, washed down with a glass of classic Sangiovese. Or a few.


Starting the day bright and early, your private guide will lead you out for a special tour of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. Beat the crowds with early access to the Vatican Museum to fully take in that grand beauty of the Sistine Chapel, followed by St. Peter’s Basilica, filled with renowned works of art. Finish the day at a Roman trattoria dedicated to la cucina povera, Italian peasant food. This restaurant boasts true Italian form, showcasing a simple use of local ingredients at their seasonal peak.


The following morning, the stories of the Roman Empire come to life. With a day spent among the iconic ruins of this once mighty (and well-fed) empire, you’ll be served up everything from panoramic views on the historic Capitoline Hill to the eye-opening Colosseum. After a big slice of sightseeing, you’ll be ready for a well-deserved trip to Rome’s most traditional enoteche (wine bars) to savour the best wines Italy has to offer. The tasting tour, led by a professional sommelier, pours a delicious tutorial on the styles unique to the Italian peninsula. From there, it’s on to dinner to sample the soulful simplicity of Rome’s classics at Cicolini’s dining room, based in the Appio-Latino quarter. Chef Sarah Cicolini is one of the hottest young chefs in Rome today, serving up hearty plates of carbonara and a sumptuous trippa alla romana.

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EATER Journeys: Mexico City & Oaxaca

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As luxury travel experts, we know a thing or two about getting around the world in style.

That’s why we’ve combined our round-the-world travel expertise with the culinary insight of Eater. This slice-by-slice tour of Mexican food, and the landscapes which gave rise to it, is the result, making use of our approach to truly bespoke, experiential travel. Scroll down to read the full itinerary or click the button below to browse more food-focused Eater experiences.


Everyone wants to go to Mexico; where the guacamole is green, and the tortillas are plenty. This epic seven-night Mexico City and Oaxaca experience, inspired by EATER’s top dining recommendations, will serve up a culinary journey like no other. Stirring together hidden street-food spots, critically acclaimed restaurants, and enticing nightlife – this is all about the darkest mole, the freshest margaritas, and the most indulgent enchiladas. Hungry, yet?


Welcome to great, bustling, heaving Mexico City. Roberto Bolano, the fiery literary prophet of this roaring country, summed it up in the simplest and most powerful way possible. “There are fourteen million people living in Mexico City.” And how can you begin to explain that? Well, via good food and drink. Kicking things off in the beautiful boutique of Las Alcobas hotel, in the vibrant Polanca district, you’ll get a crash course in Mexican cuisine with a mouth-watering walking tour. With a private guide in tow, you’ll satisfy your appetite in traditional food stores, beloved local eateries, and nestled away restaurants. 


The best way to understand Mexico City – or any city, for that matter – is to stroll where its locals hang out. Today’s culinary adventure takes you through local markets to learn about spices, produce, and the people who bring them for sale. Once the sun goes down it’s time for a private taco, beer, and mezcal tour around the streets of San Rafael, Anzures, and Condesa. Accompanied by a mezcal master, you’ll savour the smoky, sweet, and herbal flavours of Mexico’s beloved, trend-setting agave spirit. And sample the very best mezcal at La Botica, the city’s first mezcal bar.


Next up is a tour of the city’s southern neighbourhoods, with lunch at Xochimilco’s market. Your guide will whisk you away to the picturesque cobbled streets and brightly-coloured houses of San Angel to explore the artisanal market of Bazar del Sabado. From there, you’ll experience the cultural hub of Coyoacán, including a visit to the Blue House, Frida Kahlo’s lifelong home, followed by a fresh and flavorful market lunch at Mercado Coyoacán. Once refuelled, traverse the Aztec canals of Xochimilco by boat and marvel at the famous works of fine art by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo at the Museum of Dolores Olmedo’s. Wind down the day at Contramar, the groundbreaking, must-visit seafood restaurant from acclaimed chef and restaurateur Gabriela Cámara.

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Argentina, Chile & Antarctica: A Luxury Adventure to Patagonia and Beyond

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There are few landscapes on earth that can rival Patagonia. Grassy steppe that rolls into jagged peaks and intimidating glaciers that extend all the way down icy fjords – it’s arguably the world’s best adventure ground. But there is perhaps one place that could top it. A little further south, across the tempestuous waters of the Drake Passage, lies the frozen expanse of Antarctica. A place that only a lucky few have set foot on, it intrigues and mystifies in equal measure. Surrounded as it is by towering icebergs and cut through by plunging crevasses, the landscapes here make a worthy opponent for Patagonia. So why not put the two into perspective and spend two weeks working your way through two of the world’s most beguiling continents. From the tango-filled streets of Buenos Aires, through the majesty of Chile’s Torres del Paine and down to the islets, bays and caps of Antarctica, there’s not a sight to be missed.

Tango through Buenos Aires

Start your adventure in Argentina’s buzzing capital, Buenos Aires with an overnight base in the charming Palermo neighbourhood at Legado Mitico. Get to know the city as you link up with one of our expert guides for an in-depth tour through the history of Plaza de Mayo, the vibrancy of La Boca and the cuisine of San Telmo before sitting down to a traditional bodegon lunch at La Brigada. As for the evening, that calls for another Argentine tradition – tango. Leaving your hotel in signature Black Tomato style, in a vintage car, you’ll arrive at the art-deco Faena Hotel for their famous Rojo Tango show. Full of kicks and flicks and signature sensual moves, you’ll want to take a few lessons yourself.

Patagonia & Perito Moreno

The next morning, you’ll leave the city behind as you fly south to El Calafate and make your way into Argentinian Patagonia. Embodying the true spirit of the area, from the area’s indigenous roots to the blend of style between Crillo settlers and modern-day travellers, drop your bags at Eolo before diving headfirst into the staggering landscapes that sit on your backdoor.

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Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor Laut: Off the Beaten Track in Malaysia

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If you thought there was little more to Malaysia than the pearlescent beaches of Langkawi and the bashful orangutans of Borneo, this ten-day trip will have you thinking again. Peninsular Malaysia is a fascinating destination where history, culture and food combine to create something just as colourful as the landscapes that surround them. Filled with intel from our South East Asia experts, this trip promises to get you under the skin of the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur before taking to the mystical Cameron Highlands to cool down. Through the jungles of Belum and onto the shores of Pangkor Laut, prepare to see what caught our eye in Malaysia.

New Cuisines in Kuala Lumpur

Begin your journey in the metropolis that is Kuala Lumpur, staying at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental. Sitting next to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, staying here means you’re right in the heart of the action. With your own personal guide on hand, explore the old and new charms of this vibrant city. From towering skyscrapers, colonial builds and traditional mosques and temples; get a feel of what makes this city tick. Kuala Lumpur also boasts some incredible food stalls open – many staying open until the wee hours of the morning. Don’t know your char kuey teow from your mee goreng, your roti canai from your roti bom? We’ll send you out with an expert guide to get to grip with all the best delicacies.

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