Hoanib Valley Camp

Where towering mountains run into sweeping dunes and huge expanses of desert come together with unique wildlife and nomadic tribes, Hoanib Valley Camp can be found at the heart of it all. Remote and luxurious, this is a whole new side to Namibia. Spend your days here in the company of researchers tracking endangered rhinos and monitoring desert-adapted giraffes, before spending an afternoon in the company of the local Herero people and an evening dining beneath the stars before retreating to the comfort of one of the six chic tents.


Where elephants roam and most travellers never set foot, Kaokoland is an area of inexplicable beauty. Shrouded by jagged mountaintops, Hoanib Valley Camp sits hidden from view in a corner of Namibia where the air is tinged with an ephemeral intrigue. The journey here will take you well off the beaten path as you fly from Windhoek up to Fort Sesfontein, where a member of the team will be waiting to take you on a short game drive the rest of the way.

Your Room

A set of six canvas sails soaring elegantly through the desert, the rooms at Hoanib Valley Camp blend seamlessly with their environment to create an intimate affair connecting you to the wilderness. Step inside and discover a palette of colours, textures and patterns which have taken inspiration from the Hoanib. Rich ochre shades reminiscent of the dunes, geometric patterns that evoke the connection to the local giraffe population and a simple aesthetic that never detracts from your surroundings. Complete with ensuite bathrooms and outrageously comfortable bedding, the safari experience is complete.

Why we like it

Dedicated as much to conservation as it is to luxury, Hoanib Valley Camp is the perfect package. Built out of a joint desire by local communities and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to protect this land and those that call it home, it endeavours to tread lightly in all it does. Solar powered and built out of a blend of locally sourced, natural materials and recycled composites, Hoanib is making sure that this land remains unchanged, long after the last sundowner is drunk.