Become a True Explorer in Nepal

Travel to us is all about enriching lives and creating long-lasting memories – yet sometimes when we travel, it’s easy to forget about the world around us and the communities we impact along the way. Nepal, for us, is a mountain kingdom flourishing amid the high peaks of Mount Everest with one of Asia’s most fascinating cities, Kathmandu, at its core. That’s why we’ve curated an eight-day adventure that will take you back to nature through a life-enhancing trip packed full of incredible experiences and moments of wonder. On this trip, you’ll spend a week travelling from Kathmandu, steering your own journey through nature and self-realization, into the lake-studded Pokhara Valley for some time on the water, before a few days relaxing in the foothills of the Himalayas up at the tranquil resort of Dhulikhel. Grab your kit-bag (phone optional) and get ready to set off into the wonder of Nepal.

Dive into Kathmandu

Touchdown in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu and prepare yourself for sensory overload as you spend the next two days exploring medieval temples, narrow alleyways, and sampling spicy dals. Struck by a devasting earthquake in 2015, the devastation is no more evident than in a privately guided trip to the ancient city of Patan, where the soul of the city has come back stronger than ever, with a stroll beyond Durbar Square revealing some surviving gems. Tourist dollars go a long way here with a number of fair-trade shops set up to support local communities.

Make this itinerary yours

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Hike to the Top

Tomorrow, you’ll start your day at the top with two of the most famous and important areas of Kathmandu: Bouddhanath and Pashupatinath. Bouddhanath is one of Nepal’s most distinctive monuments and with a diameter of over 100 meters, it’s amongst the largest stupas in the world. After a walk through the surrounding masteries, you’ll find yourself among cafes, restaurants and shops selling Tibetan carpets and Newari silverware. Head to Pashupatinath for Nepal’s most sacred Hindu shrine for a moment of meditation or to deepen your yoga practice.

Time in the Water

Tomorrow, you’ll drive down to Pokhara, stopping on the way at Trishuli River where you’ll enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled white water rafting adventure surrounded by beautiful scenery. In Pokhara, check in at The Pavilions, a luxury hotel which is getting a lot of attention for its eco-friendly attitude. Whilst in Pokhara, you’ll also head up to Sarangkot for sweeping vistas of the Himalayan mountain range before a peaceful boat trip across Fewa Lake, where you can also visit the Taal Barahi Temple. You’ll also stop by Devi’s Falls, where water crashes down deafeningly before disappearing into an underground tunnel. You’ll then venture just east of the city to spend a day enjoying soothing lakeside hikes and boating at Begnas Lake Resort.

A Sense of Peace

Your trip comes to a close in Dhulikhel where you’ll spend the next few days at Dwarika’s Resort. A holistic lifestyle retreat set in beautiful natural surroundings, spend some time reflecting on this rewarding experience with a spot of meditation or yoga before returning home.