A world in its own, the 55-acre island of Manshausen is an idyllic hideaway bordered by Norway’s Lofoten Islands. Once an important trading post, the island is now owned by the most acclaimed Polar Explorer of our generation, Børge Ousland. The perfect spot for great stories of adventure. Seven jaw-dropping glass cabins line the island, offering breathtaking views of towering mountains and plunging deep-blue fjords – all from the comfort of your bed.

Watch: Let Børge show you around this stunning island retreat


In the midst of the Grøtøya strait, Manshausen offers ultimate privacy. It’s just you and the wilderness on the island, with the nearest shops, bars and museums over on Nordskot. From the airport on Bodø island, it’s a scenic 1.5 hour ferry ride through one of the world’s most stunning landscapes to Nordskot. Then, just a quick boat transfer later and you’ve arrived on your private island. Remote, yet connected, the Main House is fully equipped with 3G wireless – so you can FaceTime friends and family and make them green with envy.

Your Room

The island offers a number of accommodation options, but the stand-out has got to be the gorgeous seacabins with their floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Jutting out over the water below, the seven cabins each offer two bedrooms, a bathroom, a children’s alcove, a kitchen – and the best views you’ll ever wake up to. Other options include cosy alcoves in the Expedition Loft and the Little Red Hut on the far end of the island, which retains its original 1970s decor for an authentic feel.

Why We Like It

Manshausen is the perfect way to experience the Norwegian wilderness. During the days, hike, fish, rock-climb and swim to your heart’s content. Whilst in the evenings, soak in the sea-water hot tub and watch the midnight sun paint the sky bright hues of reds and oranges. Dinner is served in the Main House and always consists of the freshest seasonal produce, sourced from local suppliers. For those occasions when you just want a bit of peace and quiet, Manshausen has the answer for that too. Head upstairs to the library, with its panoramic views over the fjords, and bury your nose in a book from Norwegian polar explorer Børge Ousland’s personal expedition collection.