The Blue Train

Travel like royalty (yes, kings and presidents have taken this route) on South Africa’s Blue Train. This amazing five star hotel on wheels is the ultimate in travel luxury and fantastic personalised service. From the butler showing you to your room, to the top class chef serving a gourmet feast for dinner, this is the best way to travel in South Africa if you ask us.


Between Cape Town and Pretoria, the Blue Train lets you see the real Africa through your window. Pass by stunning landscapes, from mountains to flatlands, and experience the colonial past of this intriguing country when you stop off in Matjiesfontein. Here you’ll see the remnants of the colonial diamond rush and can even get a ride on a red double-decker bus.

Your room

The suites on The Blue Train are really the best when it comes to travel accommodation. During the day, your room is a lounge, with soft, comfy chairs and enormous windows to admire the amazing countryside. At night, you can sink into your amazing double bed and let the train rock you to sleep. Perfect.

Why we like it

Travel’s not just about the destination it’s about how you get there. Step on to the train in one amazing African city and let the spectacular scenery come to you. Sleep in absolute luxury and wake up somewhere completely different: all we want to know is, why don’t we always travel this way?