Lapped by the glittering Adriatic, Croatia is strewn with charming islands and sun-baked towns. Today it’s become our go-to when it comes to a dose of the ocean without the crowds. Head inland, however, and northern Croatia gives way to stunning landscapes, jagged peaks and rolling hills. We’ll take you from hidden, red-roofed Hvar to some award-winning oyster tasting at Korta Katarina.


An island of ancient wonder encompassing a kaleidoscope of cultures that stretches from the mystique of the Middle East through the vibrancy of Northern Africa and onto the history of Europe, a luxury holiday in Cyprus is anything but ordinary. Holed up in Aphrodite’s playground, find yourself cycling through lost hillsides one moment before dipping your toes into soothing Mediterranean waters the next.


With a timeless taste of je ne sais quoi, a luxury holiday in France will unveil the art of fine living in a place where everything is done with the easygoing elegance we know and love. Be it city or countryside, haute cuisine or local fare, grand chateaux or coastal villas, France does it all with effortless flair. Bon voyage. We recommend ambling beautiful, medieval Beaune, before heading into the mysterious forests to hunt for truffles.

Sunset in Oia, Santorini | Black Tomato


Honey-dripping loukoumades, fruit-laden lemon trees, the crumbling walls of the Akropolis, and the blue-domed roofs of Santorini. Greece still has the best of civilization, whether you want to hop the islands or scale its mountains. For a real dose of glamour, we love the 100-year-old Poseidonian hotel on the exclusive islet of Spetses. Sip a frappe and play a slow game of backgammon at the charming port of Dapia.


“Over the years, we’ve celebrated in Puglia, fallen in love in Tuscany and spent summers discovering hidden wonders in the Aeolian Islands. Now, our fascination with all things Italian has given us unrivalled expertise to craft tailor-made holidays to Italy that, like the fine wines of Chianti, just keep on getting better and better. So, fall in love with la dolce vita and discover why we just can’t stay away.”


On a serene stretch of the Mediterranean, Montenegro has an almost ethereal feel about it. A tranquil alternative to neighbouring Croatia and Italy, spend some time embracing the simplicity of being. A luxury holiday in Montenegro is all about living life on the road less travelled, as you wander wide open spaces to see a place through the eyes of a local and escape the ordinary for a week or two.


Sitting snugly in the crook between Spain and the warm tides of the Atlantic, Portugal has all the vibrancy of its neighbour to the east, but with fewer crowds and a number of added hidden gems. Exuding a quiet confidence, a luxury holiday in Portugal lifts the lid on centuries worth of history and accompanies it with a side of delicious simplicity and beautiful scenery. Oh, and you can get pastel de nata straight from the source.


From the mighty Sierra Nevada to the baroque streets of Madrid, everyone has their own Spain. Most talk about its world-famous cuisine of flavoursome pintxos in La Rioja to the multiple Michelin stars of Basque country – others, for its culture and its art. For us, luxury travel in Spain is not just about seeing the works of Gaudí or walking the shores of the Islas Baleares. It’s also about the irresistible connection we feel with the place and with its people.

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia , Turkey


A place where east meets west, history meets modernity and dramatic architecture meets natural wonder; Turkey is a veritable crossroads of cultures. The birthplace of turquoise waters, step onto pristine shores to gaze up at skies dotted with hot air balloons as they drift over steaming thermal springs and cities laced with exotic spices and modern attitudes. It’s true, a luxury holiday in Turkey unveils whole new worlds.

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