Pine Bay Lodge, Luleå

Pine Bay Lodge, a traditional Swedish lodge, lies on the coastal edge of the Luleå Archipelago. Set in an isolated location with minimal light pollution, you’ve got a great chance of seeing the northern lights during your stay, and you’ll love returning afterwards to the cosiness and warmth of Pine Bay.


Pine Bay Lodge lies on the coastal edge of the Luleå Archipelago, made up of 1300 islands in the Swedish Lapland. In the summer the Archipelago is accessible by boat but if your trip falls in winter, the lodge is best accessed by snowmobiling across the frozen sea (an awe-inspiring experience in itself). About 30 minutes away from Luleå city, you’re close enough to everything you could need yet secluded enough to make the most of the Swedish wilderness.


All eight of the guest bedrooms are beautifully decorated and all come with en-suite bathrooms. Affectionately referred to as a home away from home, this traditional Lodge welcomes you in with a lounge, dining room and large open fire, as well as a Swedish sauna house that’s perfect for heating up those tired muscles after a long day of Arctic adventure.


We couldn’t get enough of the homely feel of this place. Oozing tradition and warmth, we’d have been happy to hunker down here for the whole of the winter. Watching the snowfall through the windows as the open fire crackles behind you is the sort of scene you’ve probably only witnessed in a Christmas film, but it is real, and it’s high time you experienced it.