Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa, Chiang Rai

It’s hard to picture a luxury hotel more in keeping with its surrounds than Phu Chaisai; its 50 bamboo cottages nestling harmoniously amidst a protected green forest across three hills. Sounds relaxing? It is. Combine panoramic views, fragrant rose gardens and impeccable spa and yoga facilities and you have a peaceful refuge from the woes of modern urban life.


A northern retreat with a focus on local tradition, Phu Chaisai’s ambition to be an environmentally-friendly and self-sufficient resort is fully realised in this breathtaking location. From the interior décor to cultivating a tea plantation, gardening, herbs and working fruit farm for the hotel’s own cuisine selection, the emphasis here is on a full nature immersion.

Your room

Natural wood and sumptuous white linen continue the resort’s low-key luxe vibe. Privacy is at the heart of the Phu Chaisai experience- step outside your private cottage to wander the pathways of the gardens and you will feel like the only one here. For the full back-to-nature experience TV’s and electronic alarm clocks are absent from all bedrooms so you can wake up naturally to the sound of birdsong from the surrounding forest.

Why we like it

For get-away-from-it-all chic with authentic Thai hospitality, Phu Chaisai sets the benchmark. Oh, and, quite simply, the spa treatments are out of this world. Plus, this former family home retains all the soft edges of generations of loving care and attention, and you can’t get much better than that.