Mount Gahinga Lodge

Combining wild adventure with rustic luxury in a truly dramatic setting, Mount Gahinga Lodge is an invitation to discover. An invitation that takes you out from the shadows of the Virunga Volcanoes, to meet gorilla families and immerse you in a bright local culture. It’s fairly irresistible in our eyes. Add to that the charm of a lodge rooted in tradition, with sweeping views of the Kisoro Valley and ever smiling staff and need we say more?


Dropping over the Rwandan border into Uganda, Mount Gahinga Lodge sits surrounded by the smouldering peaks of the Virunga volcanoes. For the best of both worlds in gorilla trekking, we love staying here back to back with a stay at Rwanda’s Virunga Lodge. A two-hour drive between the two and this once in a lifetime experience suddenly doubles. From Mount Gahinga Lodge it’s then an hour’s drive followed by an hour’s flight back to Entebbe.

Your Room

Named after the volcanoes in the distance and reflecting the aesthetic traditions of the Bumfimbira people, the seven bandas at Mount Gahinga Lodge give a real sense of your surroundings. But, with each revealing gently crackling fireplaces and a sweeping porch, they also bring an element of luxury to this corner of Uganda. We loved Moman banda with its bright design and butler service that had us instantly feeling at ease.

Why we like it

Whilst most people come to this corner of Uganda for the gorillas, we implore you to just as much come for the culture. The ancient home of the Batwa pygmy tribe, join a local trust as you take a stroll through the tribal settlement and visit the Batwa Vocational School where they learn skills such as weaving and sewing; who knows, you may learn something yourself from their ancient know-how.

Images courtesy of Sinamatella for Volcanoes Safaris