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Why go to just one place on your honeymoon? Like pairing a particular wine with a particular dish, the possibilities for creating unusual (albeit complimentary) combinations are nearly endless. This might say something about the beauty of marriage. It certainly says something about the geography of our planet.

Of course, the logistics of planning a honeymoon to not one, but two locales can seem daunting indeed – the logistics requiring that extra bit of finesse and fine-tuning. But that’s fine, because it’s our job to take care of the planning and heavy lifting on your behalf; leaving you to sit back and soak in your trip of a lifetime.

To fire your imaginations, we’ve brought together twelve exemplar honeymoon pairings below – one for each month of the calendar year. These multi-destination honeymoons vary in their scope and ambition. For some, the pairings are natural and quite obvious – the gentle, temperate skip between India and the Maldives. Others, like California and Bora Bora, seem strange at first – to the reading eye. But soon the relationship between these places seems to crystallise, and they too emerge as a perfect match. As ever, you can always propose your own ideas to us – and we’ll sort out the planning.

It goes without saying – almost – that Covid has changed the complexities of pulling paired destinations off. But we won’t let that interfere too much with your honeymoon. Contact us and see.

If it’s not a multi-centre honeymoon you want, you can take a look at all of our honeymoons below.



Go to Barbados, Mustique & ST. Vincent & The Grenadines

Few places deliver on winter honeymoon sun better than the Caribbean. Here, the waters are perpetually warm, the skies blue and the coconut water (ok, champagne) on ice. So, take a step back and ease yourself into the laid-back luxury of a private tour of the Caribbean as you island hop from the beach side seclusion of Mustique to the private paradise of Petit St Vincent and onto the iconic glamour of Barbados in one chic retreat.


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Barbados Honeymoon


Go to India & The Maldives

Separated by just a short stretch of the Indian Ocean, a luxury honeymoon in India and the Maldives is united by vibrancy but distinguished by experience. Start off travelling through Rajasthan’s most iconic cities, walking alongside leopards in the hillsides and toasting your nuptials from a floating palace hotel (really). Then, swap the cobalt of Jodhpur for the aquamarine of the Maldives and say goodbye to the bustle of the market and hello to the rustle of the palms.


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Maldives Honeymoon


Go to Rwanda & Zanzibar

Packing in emerging culture, endangered wildlife and a postcard-perfect island getaway, a luxury honeymoon in Rwanda and Zanzibar is the combination no one saw coming. Offering a little something for every kind of newlywed, this private tour will take you from the history-riddled streets of Kigali, on a trek through dense forests in search of gorillas, before landing you amid desert island bliss in the Indian Ocean.


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Zanzibar honeymoon


Go to Peru & Brazil

Honeymoons should be full of passion and nowhere embodies this quite like Latin America. Whether you find it on the beaches of Ipanema or atop ancient peaks in Machu Picchu, you won’t fall short on romance on this private tour. Teaming the gastronomic standing and Incan culture of Peru with the depths of Amazonian jungles and the sizzling city streets of Brazil, embark on this stripped-back adventure – and find a touch of seductive indulgence.


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Honeymoon in Brazil


Go to Indonesia & Australia

Honeymoons are an occasion for that epic holiday; occasions for throwing the book out on the conventional and doing something extraordinary. A luxury tour of Indonesia and Australia is exactly that. Starting off atop cliffside luxury in Uluwatu and winding your way through the culture of Ubud, the scorched sands of Australia’s Northern Territory add a frisson of wildlife before a final dusting of luxury amid the beaches of Lizard Island and the icons of Sydney.


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Go to Croatia & Montenegro

Beckoned by the glittering waters of the Adriatic and the charming islands dotted amid its waters, Croatia and Montenegro have become our go-to when it comes to a luxury honeymoon away from the crowds. Where cobbled streets border picturesque shorelines and culture is served alongside freshly shucked oysters, spend a few days in Croatia before retreating to the all-out luxury of Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro.


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Go to Kenya & The Seychelles

The original safari destination, Kenya was first on the scene and to this day remains the best safari experience in our humble opinion. Making the best even better still, pair the Big Five of Kenya with the beauty and relaxation of the Seychelles and discover Africa’s perfect combination. Packed full of luxury lodges, endangered wildlife and unique experiences, it’s a honeymoon that won’t fall short on memorable moments.


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Go to California & Bora Bora

On a luxury honeymoon in California and Bora Bora, it’s all about that Hollywood glamour. Riding with the top-down through the vineyards of Napa, the redwoods of Yosemite and along the sun-drenched stretch of Route One to Big Sur; life flashes by in the rosiest hue. A honeymoon need not be all-go though, so hit the bakes and finish up on a tiny islet in French Polynesia where bright underwater life, lavish spa treatments and luxury hotels are the norm.


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Honeymoons in Bora Bora


Go to Greece & Turkey

A honeymoon in a thousand shades of turquoise, Greece and Turkey pull out all the stops to show that the Aegean is the best corner of the Mediterranean. At once sun-drenched and culture-laden, these stalwarts of ancient history also know a thing or two when it comes to luxury hotels that cling to cliff faces and private tours that take you floating above it all in hot air balloons. 


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Honeymoons in Turkey


Go to Argentina & Uruguay

Touchdown in Argentina and Uruguay and discover that a luxury honeymoon here is anything other than ordinary. Learn it really does take two to tango in Buenos Aires, before crafting your own Malbec and empanadas in Mendoza and living out your gaucho dreams on an authentic Estancia. Dusted off with a dose of glamour on the design-fuelled, gourmet-infused beaches of Jose Ignacio – its a match made in heaven.


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Honeymoons in Argentina


Go to Cambodia & Vietnam

South East Asia has always been a beguiling place. A place that sits high on so many bucket lists, your honeymoon is the perfect time to tick it off. Sweltering afternoons spent basking in the sun, the heady scent of exotic spices drifting down ancient city streets, the deep sense of culture and heritage. Each corner has something new to unveil and a private tour of Vietnam and Cambodia will lift the lid on it all.


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Honeymoon in Vietnam


Go to New Zealand & Fiji

A honeymoon that truly has it all: otherworldly landscapes, incomparable cuisine, adrenaline-fuelled adventures and gorgeous beaches – New Zealand and Fiji were made for luxury honeymooning. Whether you choose to take the plunge and discover new sports on the South Island or not, we’ll take you from top to bottom staying in some of New Zealand’s finest hotels before whisking you off to tropical Fiji for a completely different perspective on ‘island life’.


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Honeymoon in New Zealand

Our multi-destination honeymoon FAQ

What is a multi-destination honeymoon?

Simply put, a multi-destination honeymoon involves pairing more than one destination – be it a country, an island, an archipelago – during your trip. These can be adjacent or on other sides of the earth. Cambodia and Vietnam. Spain and Morocco. Japan and California. It’s your trip. Just ask.

Do I have to choose the multi-destination honeymoon pairings on this page?

Not at all. We’re a bespoke travel company, so we can plan (almost) any pairing you can think of. That applies for the rhythm and intensity of your trip, too. An adventurous expedition followed by some relaxing downtime – like safari in Kenya followed by island bliss in Madagascar.

Can I pair more than two destinations?

Of course. In theory, you could pair as many as you want. Cross the entirety of Europe. String together ten Caribbean islands. Everything and anything is possible, Covid-dependent. Get in touch and we’ll get planning.

Looking for something else?

Some alternative honeymoon inspiration, with love from us.

Luxury holidays in Croatia

Island hopping around Croatia

Far from the bright lights of Nice and the crowds of Amalfi, the Adriatic plays host to an atmosphere of blissful escapism. Step into our world as you head to Croatia for a spot of island hopping and local cuisine before retreating to the peace and tranquillity of Montenegro.

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Kachi Lodge, Bolivia

Spend the night on Bolivia's salt flats

From the bright lights and trendy bars of La Paz, we’re whisking you off deep into the lunar landscapes of Salar de Uyuni, stepping foot in untouched territory.

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A camel-back journey across the sands of Morocco

Escape November’s weather, board the plane and discover a lesser-known side to Morocco, touching down in Marrakech for 24 hours before crossing into palm-fringed oases and sweeping deserts.

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