Share a kind word about your Black Tomato honeymoon and we’ll return the favour. 

Sometimes, it can feel like everyone is getting engaged at the same time. And because you and your friends and family are all thinking the same thing (e.g., where in the world am I going to go on honeymoon?), then we can help all of you along the way.

So if you refer three of your friends or family to us after booking your Black Tomato honeymoon, and they subsequently book their own honeymoon with us within a year, then you’ll get two free nights away. Entirely on us. Now that’s love.

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State of flex
100% refunds & flexible booking

When planning your trip, we always look to secure the most flexible terms available. Wherever possible, this will include 100% refunds and fee-free postponements should any Covid complications arise between booking and travel.

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