A dog sled experience across arctic Norway

We all have items on our bucket lists that seem stubbornly hard to cross off. Luckily, on a recent trip to Norway, Torkill and his professional dog-sled team were on-hand to make one of the Black Tomato team’s (arguably very specific) dreams a reality – to ‘mush’ across the vast, wintery expanses at the edge of the arctic circle. From Torkil and Tove’s wilderness centre, only a short drive from Tromso, Neil was spellbound by the crystal-clean air, the beautiful, rugged landscapes, and the fact that his phone signal melted away. Watch the video to see what he means – and then tick it off your own list, below.

Ready for your own adventure?

Take your sled out into Norway’s wilderness by day, enjoy a campfire under the Northern Lights by night. And this is just the start to your Norwegian adventure – fjords, mountains, whales and wintery archipelagos all await you – what are you waiting for?


14th February 2019

Words: Neil Peacock, Digital Content Manager

“Jeet, jeet jeet” he called to his team. Swiftly the dogs took up his instruction with an eager lurch and we glided away into the wilderness, accelerating away from routine, phone signal and any worries we once had.

Torkill is many things: owner, guide, professional sledder, and a young charismatic man who exudes a passion and love for his team and Norway.  He made us feel instantly welcome and honoured to ride out with his racing team into a backyard that anyone on earth would envy.

Just a 30-minute drive from Tromso, where, depending on the time of day and the season you can see northern lights, whales, snowcapped mountains and steel blue fjords from the road. The wilderness center itself is game for the most immersive experiences. We went out on two days worth of day trips, but want to stay in the wilderness overnight in a teepee under the Northern Lights on a real Norwegian dog sled experidition? Done. Visiting during the warmer summer months? Kayak the fjords in search of Orca and humpback whales – also done.

What’s a dog sled experience in Norway actually like?

Like being seven years old again and running as fast as you possibly can, without a care or worry in the world.

Like the world has simultaneously shrunk and expanded. Nothing else happening outside what you can see, hear and feel. Yet all those things can can see are suddenly so vast and endlessly beautiful. It’s pure jubilation.

We (Tom – a good friend and colleague) were both surprised by the speed and fluidity of the sled. Torkil and his team communicated and reacted as one, a true professional outfit at the peak of their talents – and clearly loving every moment together. Speeding across the fresh powder that the morning rays of sun danced over and racing between pine trees that wouldn’t be out of place in the realms of Narnia with Einar (lead dog, meaning “warrior leader”) and his team.

We were 60 degrees north, on the edge of the world

It was a day I’ll never forget and one that, like Torkil tells us in the video, can truly humble you. It was a new world unfolding in front of me that before I was ignorant to – how did I not know of somewhere so beautiful?! – reminding me of what it means to travel and go in search of these far away destinations and the people that bring them to life. It’s moments like this, with people like Torkil and Tom that are the experiences that make up our memories when we look back on the decisions we’ve made. This was one of those good decisions.

To put it another way – what will be your next, great memory?

I know what my recommendation is.

See you next week

When we’ll be introducing you to a quiet island whose beauty changed a pre-prepared shoot schedule. Because real adventure demands a level of spontaneity and as we hope you’ll agree when you watch next week – it was worth every second.

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