See Iceland's Northen Lights

To cross the ‘shivering bridge’ – meet the man who wants to unlock the secrets of the Northern Lights

What does it all mean?

Last winter, we travelled to the wilds of northern Norway to meet Per; a researcher and guide who has spent his life studying the myths and stories surrounding the Northern Lights. He kindly agreed to take us on a midnight trip to a remote place on the edge of the Lofoten Islands; being one of the best places to catch a glimpse of this ancient and mysterious display of lights.

We skirted quickly over the hard science (which is interesting, no doubt), and got straight on to the stickier stuff; of the stories told by Vikings to explain this phenomenal natural occurrence. To them, this was the “shivering bridge” – a goddess and a place where the world of myth and human interconnect. Per is obsessed with these stories, and it was truly heartening to hear him tell them with such passion and curiosity. Luckily, he’s always on hand should you book your own trip to this unfailingly beautiful land.

You can catch our film below – or you can explore in greater depth the things you can see and experience when you come to Norway with us; from the trendy restaurants of Oslo to the cosy fishermen’s cabins of snow-bound Manshausen.


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