California Live: Santa Monica

A town that boasts over three miles of white sandy beach, perpetually blue skies and an idyllic mountainous backdrop, Santa Monica’s beauty did not go unnoticed by us as we unloaded our camera bags and settled into our new home for the next few days. Yet, beside its obvious aesthetic allure, it was the feel of Santa Monica that had us hooked from the start. At once laid-back and exclusive, there is an unmistakable vibe of hippy chic meets sophistication here.


It would seem our first impressions of this unique part of California were not far wrong. Everybody we spoke to couldn’t imagine a life away from Santa Monica and as we started to dig a little deeper, we began to understand why.

Santa Monica is a place where the locals start their day with a trip to the beach. A place where organic farmers’ markets are more popular than any supermarket. A place where good health and a slow pace of life are inextricably linked. A place that, after a while, becomes a part of the DNA of the people that live here.

It wasn’t a hard task capturing the beauty of Santa Monica on film, but to really understand what this coastal retreat is truly about, you’ll just have to go.