California Live: San Francisco

While certainly a well-trodden path for film crews over the years, there was a tangible sense of excitement as the Black Tomato team arrived in San Francisco. We were on a mission to record the culinary gems the city has to offer, but the landscape alone was a feast for the eyes; at once familiar and completely unique. It’s a relatively small metropolis, so we started by exploring the great undulating streets; views of the Pacific Ocean appearing and disappearing as we conquered each peak; two majestic bridges looming in the distance; a patchwork of vibrant little neighbourhoods, pretty coloured houses and tree-lined streets.

San Francisco moves to the beat of the cable car bells and there’s an overwhelming sense that nothing sits still here. Glittering sun adorns the hilltops, while rolling sea mist makes its way around the nooks and crannies. It certainly kept our crew on their toes, especially when it came to chasing sunsets in a city that wears the golden hour so well.

Luckily our efforts were rewarded with an abundance of delicious, innovative food and drink – the ultimate trump card in this vivacious city. If you had an idea about SF, then think again.