Senja, Norway: 60 degrees north

Sitting on the route between the Lofoten Islands and Tromso; Senja is an untouched paradise. On our recent trip to Norway, we detoured to explore this small island and were left awestruck by vast fjords and one of the most dramatic coastal roads you could wish to drive. Either summer or winter, Senja will not disappoint.

Ready to visit Senja?

Whatever trip you decide upon, we’ll tweak it until it’s just perfect for you. Senja is a destination that is easily added on to any of our current itineraries or the foundation of your very own. It’s a perfect add on to the famous Lofoten Islands and can be experienced in 48 hours. It’s undoubtedly home to one of the great coastal roads of Europe.


Words: Neil Peacock

You come out of the mountain (the tunnels here are something to behold themselves), turn left, turn right and slowly Steinfjord fjord reveals itself. Off all the fjord’s we’d come across this was the one that lingers the longest in my memory.

The Vikings and Norse mythology have always interested me, I’ve read the folklore and watched the (somewhat questionable TV series). Here though, on this distant island in the north of Norway, I suddenly understood why they had believed in such dramatic, epic gods to worship. Looking across the blue steeled fjord at the mountain rising majestically out from below, looked in all its drama as if it had been ripped from the earth, or crumpled from above. The peaks sharp, imposing and utterly transfixing. Odin and Thor had been at work here, and a context to this beautiful landscape engulfed it like the snow that laid upon it.