Mini-moons are the new honeymoons

 Why you should think about a mini-moon before your honeymoon

How some savvy newlyweds are choosing shorter post-wedding retreats before their full honeymoon.

Honeymoons are a big deal. They’re probably the most meaningful trip we’ll ever take. Increasingly, however, newlyweds are changing up how they actually do them.  As Carolyn, our head of product, recently put it; they’re still ‘normal’ holidays (that is, normal for us), only dialed up. Dialed up a lot. This means we can tear up the rule-book. Suddenly, it’s possible to honeymoon in a volcano; or in the middle of a desert; or even at the arctic. You know, the kind of things you normally do with Black Tomato.

But while some couples are mixing and matching their honeymoon destinations, others are getting excited about ‘mini-moons,’ or shorter post-wedding getaways designed to fit around our busy, complicated lives. These savvy couples are taking mini-breaks as a way to recharge before they head off on a fuller, more traditional, honeymoon later on. Think of it as a power nap. A chance to recover from the massive energy it takes to pull off your perfect wedding.

In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of the mini-moon and the reasons why you might want to take one. We’ll also show you where you can go, what you can do, and why ‘mini’ doesn’t mean ‘less luxurious’ or ‘unadventurous.’ Far from it.

What is a mini-moon?

Mini-moons are the new (loving) rage. Savvy newlyweds have been throwing away the rule-book of the ‘traditional’ honeymoon by choosing to take a small getaway for a few days after the wedding while doing a full, no-holds-barred honeymoon further down the line. A mini-moon can be a honeymoon compressed into a shorter amount of time; a ‘taster’ for what’s to come; or a trip designed to satisfy a specific need or desire. It could be a food-based city break to Florence, or a long weekend of diving off the coast of Indonesia. It could mean staying at that one, unmissable eco-lodge in Morocco, or a four day cruise between the islands of the Aegean Sea. It’s still a fully-charged Black Tomato holiday – only shorter.

Why go mini?

Weddings are wonderful. But they can also be draining. A mini-moon might be the solution for when you want to get some much-derserved rest and relaxation after the celebrations. This gives you a chance to recover and regroup before going on a full trip in the near future. While we love planning epic adventures, we also know it’s important to recharge. Your great adventure might come after the travel equivalent of a nap; whether that means you’ll spend a long weekend at the beach, or do some gentle sight-seeing in a historic city. A mini-moon may be the perfect thing for you if you just want to take the pressure off.

Where should we go?

You might want to travel to the salt-flats of Bolivia, or hunt with the nomads of Mongolia. But you might also want to settle down in a cosy country house on the coast, or satisfy your senses among the food markets of Marrakech, for us the mini moon is a stripped back, yet still highly curated experience where less really is more. If your mini-moon is all about recharging, then we know the world’s best spas and its most beautiful beaches. And so, because we specialise in truly tailored trips, we can construct your honeymoon—whether mini or massive—around what you want to do. We tore up the rule-book in the first paragraph, remember? To put it another way: you don’t have to do it all. What’s important is doing it well

Just let us know when you’re ready to book your epic romantic adventure.

The bottom line

Mini-moons aren’t for everyone. If you’ve always dreamed of having a huge, sprawling safari honeymoon—and nothing stands in your way—then let’s talk. But maybe you want to keep things intimate and low-key for now, or you have other things in your life that need to be balanced first. Because we tailor all of our trips to who you are and what you want to get out of travel, we’re expertly poised to lovingly craft the ideal mini-moon for you. 

And, once you’ve recharged your batteries, we’ll plan a huge romantic getaway for the both of you, too.


Whether you want a mini or a massive honeymoon, we love booking them. Contact us today to find out more.