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The Autumn Experiences: From the BT Experts

Our team of experts are constantly learning more about the world and bringing back new routes, experiences, local stories and knowledge from the destinations that they visit. Here are our favourite new travel experiences launching in Autumn 2018. To find out where to stay, read through our hotel picks for this season. 

New Experiences

Whether it’s learning how to make your own wine in the countryside of Georgia, driving on the volcano lake, or a heli flight above the famous Tiger’s Nest, we’re giving you a glance at our favourites this Autumn and how to do it.

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Winemaking in Georgia

Eastern Europe may be in the shadow of the better known and more travelled west. However destinations continue to emerge from this amazing region of Europe to explore. This year that destination for us has been Georgia.

Our travel expert Sunil recommends going between April and October, making now the best time to book for next year’s holiday, “Winemaking in the country where it all began in the fifth millennium BC, seeing traditional techniques and capping it off with a stay in a private chateau is how you want to experience Georgia”.

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bhutan autumn experiences

Two days of hiking to the top of Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu offers one of the most incredible sunrises with a spectrum of colors running from deep blues and stark bright oranges. Spend a couple of days hiking above the clouds and taking in the scenery on a challenging trek. The reward? Walking into the newly reopened Datai Langkawi and relaxing poolside with your celebratory sundowner in hand.

Heli flight above Tiger’s Nest for the best view from above

Board your private helicopter and head up past the incredible Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan and into the clouds for a breakfast with one of the best views in the world. Enjoy overlooking Tiger’s Nest from above and then start your descent down the mountain to get a closer look at the fascinating monastery.

Chasing the Autumnal Equinox

Road trips have become increasingly popular this past year. And not just in the US, but around the world. However, to really get into the autumn season, there’s one foliage-inspired route that everyone should think about taking in the US.

Our travel expert Jihane started in Maine, passed through Cape Cod and then up to Nantucket, witnessing the beginning of the remarkable changing of leaves.

lake llanquihue southern chile fall

Diving on the volcanic lake, Lake Llanquihue

Imagine arriving at one of the most idyllic views in Chile’s enchanting Lake District on a hydroplane that drops you off on an otherwise inaccessible lagoon. Now, think about the unparalleled views of Corcovado Volcano and the landscapes that stretch out in every direction from your room at Hotel AWA. Stay this November and you’ll be able to see all this as well as dive into the volcanic lake that the hotel sits beside and that lies carpeted by lava rocks from previous eruptions.


For where to stay, head over to our hotel picks for this season straight from our travel experts.