Elizabeth Gilbert: The traveller we all aspire to be. Taking on Italy, India and Bali

Whilst some people stumble across inspiration whilst travelling, others actively seek it out. Elizabeth Gilbert, at 32 years old had everything she needed, but nothing she truly wanted.

A home, a husband, a successful writing career and everything in between was put on hold for a year after a messy divorce shifted her immediate ambitions. She would head to Italy for the cuisine and lifestyle for four months (“Eat”) before experiencing three months in India, hoping to develop and understand her spirituality more (“Pray”). The rest of Elizabeth’s year was spent searching for a balance between the two in the beautiful surrounds of Bali. She just so happened to find the man of her dreams (“Love”) whilst she was there.

Eat. Pray. Love.

To us, Elizabeth Gilbert epitomises the sort of traveller we all aspire to. Embracing the culture and looking beyond the surface to understand what a place is all about and what it can really do for you.

Did Elizabeth head to Italy envisaging that her year abroad would turn into a memoir that would sit on the New York Times bestseller list for 187 weeks? Or be adapted into a film where she would be played by Julia Roberts? And become a multi-millionaire in the process?

Maybe. Maybe not. One thing for sure however is that travel changed Elizabeth Gilbert’s emotional and financial stability for the rest of her life. We’re inspired.